Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dennis RETIRES!!!

August 13, 2009 was Dennis' last day at Sandia Labs. He is officially a retiree! They hosted a very nice retirement party, that Carol and Josh were able to attend. Lots of envious faces in the crowd, mixed with the usual "I can't believe you're just going to go!' Carol finishes on the 27th and departure from Gate 11 scheduled for September 13th.

The generator project came to completion with the reinstallation of the our bed on August 8th - definitely not a plug and play addition to the boat - Dennis never ceases to impress with his knowledge and perseverence. The new gel batteries are in the cockpit and comprise the next project. Install of the rigid boomvang, windvane steering, davits and motor lift complete the list of "we would like to do before we leave" outdoor projects; computer install, storing, organizing and relearning systems are ongoing projects.

As I look back over the last 2 months, it is hard to believe the extent of the changes in our lives. We closed the door for the last time on our house on June 30th. The next day our renter and her family began their moving in ordeal.... Gotta love moving during the hottest week of the summer. It is definitely weird and somehow freeing to be so unencumbered. Having "stuff" is a difficult habit to break. I have to confess that I shed a few tears as I sent my shoes/purses/clothes to the "goodwill/garage sale" pile. (Laugh if you will, but there are girls out there that understand!)

Thus began the semi homeless stage for Josh and me - another very disconcerting feeling- and Dennis single days as a liveaboard at Gate 11. Josh took a trip to Albuquerque to see the Carmony's over the 4th. He enjoyed his trip, especially the tour of Carlsbad Caverns. Dennis moved onto the boat and Josh and I moved in with the Lowell's. Josh finished up his swim season and moved to the boat August 1. Yeah !! We are 2/3 the way there!

Josh began sailing lessons at Encinal Yacht Club on the 3rd, and is quite the independent one - getting himself to and from on his scooter Monday thru Thursday. Carol continues to live with Sue and her family - there are not words to begin to describe how much I appreciate all they have and continue to do for us. I have the "garden room" for myself and my stuff - some of which will be stored, some still in use, and some undetermined. Josh has dabbled in his home schooling work, we'll have to get serious about it pretty soon- his school skills are getting rusty. Which brings us back to Dennis being a retired person and Carol counting days.