Thursday, September 20, 2018

20 September

Leaving Lakeba heading to Komo. Of course that is directly into the wind. Lakeba crazy anchorage and long dinghy ride into the village to do sevusevu. At least we were able to buy bread. Loosing signal. Bye

Thursday, September 13, 2018

13 September Vanua Belavu

Nicer day today. did a repeat dinghy ride with the video camera in the morning. Ran the generator, dicked with the engine oil, changed a filter on the watermaker and been making water all day. Usual day in the life.

This afternoon we moved to Mbavutu Harbour. It was an interesting drive thru the channel between the reef and the island. Thankfully we had good light and good waypoints, so got here no problem. Its like a lake in here. blowing 15-20 kts in the channel to get here and less than 5kts where we put the anchor down. had lunch then went for another dinghy ride, walked on a cool beach, saw some turtles, then had a snorkel. A Great snorkel. We will go back, hopefully with a little more sun. lots of fish and interesting coral - and Dennis saw another turtle.

We have to laugh, busy anchorage (not) - one other sail boat when we got here. 2 houses up on the hill, an abandoned looking yacht club and a dock at the southish end of the bay where we are anchored. around sunset 2 more power boats arrived. So wow busy compared to the last few days of being on our own. Saw the 2 people that came in on the first powerboat, and heard the people on the second one (really big). But yeah, not a lot of activity.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

11 September 2018 Vanua Balevu

Evergreen and crew have arrived in the Northern Lau group - Vanua Balevu.
We left Qamea before the butt crack of dawn this morning for the 50 ish mile crossing. OMG 4 am is early and dark!!! We dodged the catamaran that came into Naiivivi(sp?)Bay after us and except for one little bump on a coral head (helps if you actually follow the way points carol), made it out of the bay, put up the mainsail and were off. Managed to get a couple of messages out on the internet as we rounded the southern end of Qamea, but lost sight of the tower quickly.
Our course was of course pretty much directly into the wind. We chose to leave today as the winds were forecast to be the lightest for the next 8 days. So, motor on and sails up we made our way here. All told not a bad trip. The sails helped some and the sea state was pretty flat. I guess if you have to motor, today was one of the best. We arrived approximately 2-pm, and are tucked in just north around the entrance. It has rained off and on all day, but just a light to moderate mist.
It looks beautiful and we are excited to explore.

There is vicious rumor that there is internet to be had we will see. Definitely not at our current position. So, folks its sailmail for now.

12 Sept

Moved anchorages this morning. Still rolly, lots of wind. put the dinghy in the water and went for a long wet dinghy ride. It is pretty spectacular here. Even in cloudy rainy weather. Hoping it will clear up some - better pictures. :) Quiet day after that. Just chilling out.

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Out of chronological order post

6 September 2018
Paradise Resort, Taveuni Fiji

I am behind since we got to Fiji, but just had to write this today.

Exciting day in the mooring field today.

Things started off to plan. Leisurely morning, coffee, run the generator. Dennis working on weather and route planning for our next couple of hops. North from  here to Matei and then on to Vanua Balevu in the Northern Lau. Yikes I did laundry and stowed dive gear and made water.
Around noon we went ashore  to drop off rubbish, refill the water jug i used for laundry and fill up on gas (petrol, not deisel).  Flat calm when we left the boat, but by the time we were  ready to head back it was rocking and rolling. No major though. We  got back,  stowed a few more things, had lunch and decided to sit out the bounce on shore. Really rocking and rolling by that time, but again no issues. Not fun, but not worrisome either.

On shore we were standing by the dinghy to make sure it wasn't rubbing on the rocks and chatting to the woman from the boat  moored in front of us. A couple of boats had already left, having decided to wait out the rollies in a more protected anchorage. As we chatted  we saw her boat moving down wind. Really,  that is not supposed to happen.

We quickly loaded her and her husband into our dinghy and Dennis drove them out to catch their boat.  (I swear she dove into the dinghy. Keeping in mind there was alot of surge, it was a spectacular leap) On the positive side they were able to board, get the engine started and get the boat under control. Sadly not before hitting Evergreen and damaging the port toe rail and breaking their own bow sprit. Our toe rail has two small fist size gouges and a 3 foot split. Dennis says that's okay, Ray will know how to
fix it!!!

To be honest, both boats are very lucky. Things could have been much worse. Two heavy boats colliding?  Yikes a recipe for disaster. And yet......Our toe rail is fixable and basically cosmetic. The other boat may have more damage, hard to tell at the moment. They are worried about their rigging
In the meantime on shore we were trying to move dinghies around so that the dive boat could come to the dock. After a pretty impressive chinese fire drill, the dive boat decided not to come in. Poor divers had to swim ashore.

During all this I am being told we have to leave the anchorage or wait, just add another line to the mooring, no leave, no....   in the end we are still here. Not having dinner ashore as planned, but oh well. All boats are situated, owners on board. Our anchor alarm is set tight, just in case. Sunset was beautiful  (no green flash) and fajitas instead of Fijian. Ahhhh the relaxing life of cruisers.......

Monday, August 20, 2018

Monday 20 August - Fiji

We made it. anchor down just outside of Savusavu, will have a good sleep and check in tomorrow. Overall not a bad crossing -82 hours. One fish, one broken and repaired whisker pole, a little rain, and no arguments. So another one for the books. More later

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Sunday, August 19, 2018

sunday 19 august

unable to get the sailmail to send yesterday.
sunny and warm all day. winds calmed down. continued wing and wing through the night.
whisker pole down this morning. Motorsailing winds 5kts. would like to get to Fiji in this lifetime - lol. All is well.

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day 1

Saturday morning and all is well. of course directly downwind. Been running wing and wing until 0200 when the attachment for the topping lift for the whisker pole broke. Dennis spent 45 minutes on the foredeck getting it down and out of the way. its fixed now and we are back going downwind wing and wing. lost a lot of speed and miles, but still did 118 miles. sunny today, crew is already tired and grumpy. hahaha.

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