Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Avalau. VaVa'u

First anchoragw in the VaVa'u group.  Good snorkeling. Did a circum nav of the island in the dinghy. Stayed til Tuesday then onto Neiafu to check in and provision.

Monday, June 25, 2018

25 June. Va Va'u

Arrived Ovaka Island yesterday morning. Gotta love sailors never the right amount of wind.   This time too much, so we were getting here too fast. Tonga is not the place for arriving in unfamiliar anchorages in the dark. So at 0230 we practiced heaving to. After several tries we finally settled on a sail configuration.  Paul had the watch and Dennis and i went off. Dennis,went on at 0600 and got us back headed in the right direction. We had anchor down by 1130 and spent the rest of the day recovering. 
First impressions of this new group of islands is that they are younger in geological terms. There are reefs, but the islands themselves are rockier, lusher and taller. I'll post pictures when the internet is better. 
Not sure what is on the agenda today. Definitely need to provision in the near future which means heading to Nieafu. 

Big Happy Birthday to my nephew Eli!!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Leaving Pangai

Leaving Paingai and the Ha'apai group as we speak. Next stop VaVau!  Should be there tomorrow morning.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Sunday service at the Wesleyan Church

Today we went to Church.  Didn't understand a single word, but we were welcomed with big smiles. The singing was amazing and well worth the 30 minute rant by the minister. Hahahaha. 

It isnt legal to do work/strenuous activity on Sundays here in Tonga. So we had a lazy day just on case the work police were out.

Sunset at Pangai, Ha'apai Tonga

Evergreen with the volcano in the background

Cruising social life

I think one of the best parts about cruising is meeting other cruisers.  
We had sundowners on sv Letting Go with the crews from Double Trouble and Citation. Lovely way to end the day.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

14 June 2018. Uoleva

Wow. Time flies. 

We are now anchored off Uoleva.  We finally got out of Uonukuohifohifa. It was pretty and we did some Snorkelling. Yikes the charts for this region are about as good as the grib files. Meaning not so good. Added a few gray hairs leaving our anchorage. On the chart we were no where near the reef, in reality we drove right over the top of one. Didn't hit bottom, but dang we were close. My poor stomach lining. Hahahaha.
It was a short hop to Uiha.  Spent the night there then another short hop to our current anchorage. 
Wednesday we met up with Jo & Rob on Double Trouble and walked around the Island - 10km. What was I thinking doing that?  Was worth it though. Saw my first sea snake of the trip and generally enjoyed the company and the exercise. Dennis is nursing a sciatica type pain, so did not join us.  Hoping that resolves itself quickly.  
Jo & Rob came for drinks that evening which was also quite enjoyable.  Yes this is the cruising life we like so well.

As it is actually 3am, not sure what we will do today. If its nice, we'll probably stay put and go to Pangai to check in and get greens/fresh food on Friday and Saturday, then head back out to maybe dive with DT & Citation. Who knows????  We are back in semi internet range. Not great but gets the job done all be it slowly.