Sunday, February 1, 2009

Countdown to Casting off

(left, new cold plate for freezer)

January 31,2009- It's starting to "spring up" here in California (daffodils will be blooming soon)and Dennis is working furiously on the refridgeration system on Evergreen. It is hard to believe we are in the final months of this phase of our lives. Trying to prepare for this lifestyle
change and maintain a land based life is not for the faint of heart. As we took down the 2008 Christmas decorations and separated into "keep", "take" and "give/toss" it really came to me how much we are downsizing and how far we have to go. So much needs to be done at each of our "homes", that if we're not careful neither will be habitable.

Evergreen is in Alameda at Marina Village Gate 11. What a wonderful neighborhood !!- I know more of my neighbors and vice versa after less than a year than I do in tracy in over 8. From words of encouragement to cookies or tools it is the best community we could have wished for.

(This picture taken from the peak at Angel Island)
We continue to field all the usual questions from our land based friends - Are you crazy? What about Josh? What about school? What about friends? What about pirates? How will you communicate? How long? How far? When will you come back? What is your plan?..........

Yes, we probably are a little crazy, but only because we are willing to take the chance of leaving the familiar. Josh is very adaptable, makes friends easily and most importantly is very bright. One does ones best to miss pirates in all walks (sails) of life - safety requires planning and we are good at that. Single side band (Ham radio) is reliable and can send email. We will set up a site for all to follow (the Morrison equivalent of "Where in the world is Carmen San Diego). We are going south and will stay until we are done - Sounds like a good plan to me.

We spent the summer redoing the teak on the outside of the boat. And, like all boat projects it escalated into reseating chainplates and removing then replacing the sailtrack (among other things). Sadly I was not present when Dennis and his friend removed 200 or so bolts from the sailtrack in 90 degree weather so I have no pictures for posterity. (who says it is cold on the coast??) The whole project finally finished up in October, it looks really good. I have some trim to finish up this spring, but hopefully it will not generate any add on projects.

The list of projects is still quite long as is the wish list. But we will never be bored or have a lack things to do. Everything we do is colored in terms of the boat - will it fit, does it fulfill more than one need or task? The latest example is Josh's Christmas present of a PS3 game. It does Josh's games, and is a blueray player. Our favorite store is Svendson's Marine in Alameda seconded by Pagano's hardware (has virtually everything).
My next project -having now crossed "start a blog" off my list is to set up a picture site at flickr.

More to come.......


  1. Hey guys! We add our cheers to your comments about the Gate 11 community- only about 6 weeks there for us and it feels like part of an extended family. Your teak looks FABULOUS by the way, can't wait to see more on Flickr!
    It's going to be a crazy 6 months, just duck and charge. we're waiting for you- and it's pretty dang fabulous down here!

  2. Hey this is my aunt uncle and cousin hope all goes well!

  3. You guys are doing great - way ahead of the game. The teak turned out beautiful. Looking forward to meeting up with you later this year in Mexico!

  4. Hey you guys, I am going to miss you:( but i hope you have fun:) hey tell josh that he doesnt have to be afraid of the boat keeling(or however you spell that) and i will talk to you guys later(This is my Aunt,Uncle, and Cousin!) Ok bye.-Nick