Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bar crawl

red truck ride

So occasionally you just have to cut loose and have that happy childhood.  Such was the case this past Wednesday night.  We joined Doug and Carla from Moondance, Dot and Brian from Rainshadow, and the folks from Enchantress for a night in the historic section of Mazatlan.  Doug and Carla are excellent guides, and Carla manages to have her camera fully charged at all times unlike me on this particular night. (All photos are courtesy of Carla's camera)  We started off in one of the Mazatlan's "Red Trucks".  Brings back memories of when riding in the back of a pickup was a perfectly acceptable way to travel. 

sunset from Puerto Viejo

Our driver transported us to Puerto Viejo, a bar across from the beach - with the obligatory stunning sunset. 

Puerto Viejo
From there we wandered into the square with the full moon rising over the trees.  Dinner was at a place called El Tunnel across from the Peralta theatre.  After stuffing ourselves with guacamole, tortilla soup, enchiladas, pollo asado and bring your own beers we went to the "bull bar".  It is definitely a must see.  Next time I am taking a picture of the banos - Not something you will ever see in the US.  Our next stop was Topolos, definitely a leap up.  I had a spanish coffee that was a work of art in the making.....Fire and carmelized sugar, cinnamon, flaming brandy and kahlua....very cool, and very yummy and the setting  - WOW!  I would love a courtyard like that! 
Carol And Dot rest before 8peso beers

From there we took a sharp turn downhill into the 8peso beer bar. HHHMMM - I was wishing for the "bull bar" bathrooms.  About 11pm we decided to call it a night and this group of happy children dispersed into the fog......

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