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 5/14/11 Saturday
We have been in Nuka Hiva for a week. Met up with Doug and Carla on Moondance, so have been able to combine socializing with provisioning, repairs/projects and sightseeing.
Carol & Carla enjoy tropical drinks
Had a couple of rolly anchorages after Atuona on Hiva Oa. Hanamenu was nice the first day and we had a great sail there from Atuona. The next 2 days and nights there were rocking and rolling. The freshwater pool was really nice though.
Dennis in the pool on Hanamenu
We left Hanamenu for the next Island to the north - Oa Huka on Friday the 6th. The sail there was pretty nice. We arrived to more rocking and rolling. According to the local kids surfing, this was the time they had had surfable waves in months - lucky us. We were not willing to try a dinghy landing, and neither was Calou, so we left the next morning for Nuka Hiva. On the sail here from Oa Huka we put a small tear in the mainsail, lost a tuna right at the boat and then had to anchor in the dark. Was not one of our better days. Sunday we had to get the hooka out so Dennis could dive on our anchor which had become horribly wrapped in the lines and anchor of a mooring. 2 and 1/2 hours later we were reanchored and settled. Whew!! Things have been much better since then. Taioahe is the name of the town here. It is the biggest town in the Marquesa's. I tried to repair the mainsail myself, but although our machine would have done the sewing, the sail is just too big to move around to get the patch installed. So we ended up having to take it in to the sail loft - got it back yesterday afternoon.
Our hooka has paid for itself in this anchorage - Tueday, Dennis spent several hours in the water helping s/v Whatcha Gonna Do retrieve their stern anchor and search for their main anchor. No luck Tuesday, but they finally picked up the line with a grappling hook on Wednesday. One nice thing about the cruising community, we help each other out.
Wednesday we got up at O dark thirty to go to the vegetable market with Doug and Carla. We got lettuce, tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers, green beans (long and regular) and green peppers. We had 160 liters of diesel delivered on Wednesday too - what a mess getting it into the tanks!!
Thursday we shared a rental car with Doug and Carla and drove to the north side of the island.
Taiohe bay - Nuka Hiva
Had a nice lunch and hike.
Overlooking the anchorage -Nuka Hiva
The hike over to Anaho was not all that long, just steep. The bay is very pretty and has a coral reef which Dennis snorkeled on. I saw a small (less than 2 feet) shark and nearly stepped on a pretty big stingray, all in water less than knee deep.
shoppers take a rest

Friday we got our provisioning done before we returned the car. I think we bought something from every grocery store here. The supply ship doesn't come until next Wednesday, so we are having to do without carrots and apples but, we are pretty much set now until we get to Tahiti.
After stowing the provisions I went in and did laundry at the dock. It is nice to be able to use their water instead of water we make, especially for sheets and cotton items.
Today was a lazy day - we got the mainsail back up and that pretty much covered it. This evening we went to a party to celebrate the anniversary of something here. There was local music and dancing. Pretty cool and all over by 9:30 pm.
Doug - phone booths are in odd places
We plan to go to the next bay over tomorrow for a couple of days, then to Ua Pou (next island south) for a day or two, then we will cross to the Tuomotus. That crossing will take 4-5 days. The Tuomotus are atolls. We are looking forward to calm lagoons and clear water - I'll keep you posted.....

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