Monday, September 26, 2011

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092111 Wednesday
Finished up most of my provisioning yesterday.  Dennis did epoxy work on several little projects around the boat, but you know how "little" projects are....By the time I got back to the boat from shopping, Dennis was just leaving to go with Doug and Carla to try and buy some fish since we have had no luck catching our own.  Turns out not even the locals are catching fish.  Made us feel a little better, but we still had no fish.  Oh well.  Doug and Carla came over for drinks and dinner and we discussed our action plan for heading out of here.  Seems like we have unfavorable winds for the next 6 days, so we will finish up provisioning here, get our papers together with our agent and then head to Moorea until we get a good window.  The anchorage is nice here, but it is too easy to spend money.  Moorea has internet and baguettes, but the anchorage there just screams "get in the water".  We can work on cleaning the hull, snorkel and hike and not spend money - all good things. 
I haven't commented on the weather lately, but it is quite warm here.  Not exactly sure of the temperature, maybe high 80s/low 90s.  We are very protected in this anchorage, so part of each day we have no breeze which makes a big difference in our comfort level.  Is still pretty good sleeping though - nice and cool at night.  I put up the sunshade Tuesday, and of course it got really windy today.
Thursday 9/22 Did a final Carrefour run and picked up our exit papers.  I made chocolaate chip cookie bars in the solar oven today.  Probably could have picked a better, less windy day, but Dennis had been bugging me for them....After 3 hours, I decided they had to be done and they were mostly.  I got no complaints, so I guess they were okay.  Dennis and Josh worked on replacing the shower sump pump switch all afternoon and I went in and did work on the internet.  Ended up being one of those starving hungry kind of nights as the sump pump project wasn't completed til almost 7pm.
Friday 9/23  Dennis was up at the buttcrack of dawn - finishing wiring the shower sump and then putting away all of his tools.  The wind was not too bad, so we decided to up anchor and head to the fuel dock.  I think our anchor was up before 0800.  Fueling up went welland we were off to Moorea.  We had a good sail over here, kind of a preview of things to come - mostly a reach.  Josh was a little seasick, but didn't want to take any medication.  So we were pretty conservative speed wise.  We made it here by lunchtime and the rest of the day was pretty quiet. 
Saturday was also a quite day.  It was partly cloudy with lots of wind.  I made a big brunch at 1230.  Josh is being a typical teen and sleeping as long as we will let him.  Since there was nothing pressing to do, we let him sleep.  We joined Doug and Carla for dinner at a chinese place.  Was good, but again howling windy - and only outside seating.
By the looks of the weather, we will be here around a week.  We will work on cleaning the boat and rearranging the deck in preparation for the crossing to Hawaii. We will also explore the island some more and maybe go to swim with the rays again. 

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