Monday, December 12, 2011

2 and a 1/2 weeks

Evergreen ready for Santa
Our new ride

Can't believe we have been in Oahu for almost
Josh does dishes
Sunset off the lagoon
3 weeks.  We are adjusting to land life pretty well.  We really love our new neighbors here at the marina.  They have been so welcoming and helpful.  We feel very lucky to have ended up here.  Last weekend Melanie and Jon down the dock brought us their jeep to drive while we are here. How amazing is that huh??!!  So, we are mobile.  We went exploring one day, down to Waikiki and then up the west coast and back down the H3 home. 

Josh is back doing math and is doing a good job keeping up with the dishes.  We have done a few projects around the boat, sorting and cleaning (lots of that) mostly.  In total  I did 17 loads of laundry the week we got here. 

The weather has been pretty nice, warm and windy, actually had rain the last couple of days.  Hopefully it is washing off the rest of the salt from the boat. 

I have been offered a job at the hospital in Ewa Beach.  It is 12 hour nights, but is the closest hospital to us.  The rest are all in town - which is an hour and a half commute.  I have an interview in town tomorrow, just to see what is they have to offer.  I would rather work there in the OR, but really don't want to commute on a daily basis, so we will see.

sunset over the marina

In the meantime we are enjoying our new friends and being in beautiful Hawaii.  We miss Doug and Carla, are looking forward to seeing them here in January.  Hope you enjoy the pictures....

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  1. Love the photos! Sounds like you guys have settled in and have met some wonderful folks. Looking forward to seeing everyone in January!