Monday, February 6, 2012

February 5, 2012

Well, Happy New Year.  Yep we are already into the second month, and as usual when we are land based my blogging goes by the wayside.

Welcome to Hawaii
Sail to Electric Beach and Pokai Bay

Arizona Memorial Pearl Harbor
We had a great visit with Dennis' niece Claire over the New Year.  In typical Morrison style, she had to go home to rest..... Took her two tries to get back to the mainland as all the flights were overbooked to begin with and then one cancelled.  We did a lot of  touristy things while she was here - including the hike up Diamond head, 1/2 a day at Pearl Harbor to the Arizona Memorial, a trip to the north shore to the beach and to watch surfers as well as two sets of fireworks.   We also took the boat out for a day sail with snorkeling and then overnight at a nearby anchorage.  

North Shore Pipeline beach

The first set of fireworks we watched from the 42nd floor of the Discovery Bay Apartment/Condo building.  Our new friends Dan and Sandra invited us up to watch the fireworks put on by one of the hotels over Waikiki beach.  Pretty cool.  I had never been in a high rise apartment before.  They have an amazing view - Waikiki from the lanai and Diamond Head from the master bedroom.  WOW!   
On New Year's Eve Claire and Josh went out with one of our neighbors  to watch the Ko Olina Resort fireworks from the water.  Josh said it was the best he had ever seen  The show was over all four lagoons  of the resort and synchronized to music.  Dennis and I watched from the beach and from our vantage point it was pretty awesome.  Was also nice to be able to walk 5 minutes back to the boat!! 
The job in nearby Ewa Beach did not pan out - sadly the Hospital actually closed.  So, back to square one.  I was able to get a part time (per diem) job at The Queen's Medical Center in the Operating Room, and have been working there since January 17.  It is the biggest OR that I have ever worked in.  So far I really like it, the people are pretty friendly and I am learning lots of new things.  I also got a job at the new West Marine store in Honolulu.  Doesn't pay much, but the discounts on boating supplies make it worthwhile.  Working 2 jobs is keeping me very busy - with the bus ride I am gone about 12 hours a day when I work at the hospital.  Dennis is back to chief cook and bottle washer these days.  Probably not his favorite!!
Doug and Carla on Moondance are here at Ko Olina now too, so it is totally like home.  They are only 3 slips away.
Dennis and Doug have been working some for the yacht broker here at the marina.  To date they have done a lot of rewiring on a dive boat in nearby Waianae.  We hope they continue to get jobs through this broker.
Diamond Head
Josh has made a couple new friends, so is socializing more.  He is hoping to go go-karting with his friend Sevin this week.  Today he went to a superbowl party on the windward side of the island with his friend JT.  He was happy to hang out with kids his own age.  He continues to do school work and boat work, so he is busy.
Otherwise, we (Dennis mostly) are continuing with boat projects and maintenance - a never ending process actually, but we have a few things that need attending to before we leave on any extended trips.
So, we are settled and working and enjoying the social aspects of our new home. We have awesome new friends and of course you gotta love winter in Hawaii!  Dennis and Josh set up the air conditioner last week, so with the shades up it stays relatively cool in the boat.  Makes working in the boat more comfortable.

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  1. Nice having you guys as neighbors again. What a great community to belong to here in Ko Olina!