Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Boring day to day stuff

So yesterday the marina sent out emails for wind warnings.  Fortunately yesterday the wind was blowing from the NE which we are protected from.  Today, no email but saw gusts to 45 kts!  The wind has shifted back to its normal W/SW state, a state that we are not protected from, so its been quite the ride!!  Definitely glad to be tied to the dock and not on anchor.  Also a good day to catch up on my blogging.

Not much exciting happening in our world really.  Dennis' current project is building a still.  Gin (well alcohol in general) is very expensive here, so not only does this project keep Dennis occupied, it should pay for itself in the end.  He is doing tons of research (as per Dennis protocol), making trips .to the hardware store, plumbing store and I think we have visited all of the brew shops in the greater Auckland area.  Of course it is a "some assembly required" project, so not exactly sure when the first bottling will occur.  In the meantime I try to stay out of his way, help when needed and provide regular feedings.

A work in progress

 Josh starts school next week - hard to believe.  I managed to pick up his uniforms at the shop - all second hand and in great shape.  All the money saved there went into new running shoes ($200 on sale) and black school shoes ($99 also on sale).  Josh observed that we doubled the number of shoes he owned all in one day.  I suppose he will get alot of use out of both, but still - ouch!  He is excited to go back, and will start as part of an established group of friends, which he is really happy about.  It surprised us to discover how stressed he was about making friends.  We just don't see that as an issue for him as he gets on so well with adults.  But, I guess when we thought about it, it would be stressful to go to a new school not knowing anyone.  Thanks to Mera, that is not an issue now.  We anticipate that between his curriculum and water polo that he will be very busy.  He has certainly had a busy social life this summer.

I am trying to keep busy as well.  A little challenging given the boat doesn't lend itself to more than one project at a time.  I have been spending some time with Kim's mum Pam (Kim is my friend that works here at the marina) .  Pam is visiting from S. Africa, helping Kim out with her 2 boys during the summer break.  She is good company and I will miss her when she heads home this week.  I did try my hand at making granola to go with our homemade yoghurt.  My first attempt was pretty disappointing, but trying to eat thru it so I can try again.  Thanks to everyone that sent me their recipes.  I also want to try to make my own sausage, as the sausage here is not really growing on us.  I have a meat grinder, but need to find a "stuffer" attachment.  I guess I have been spending too much time with Dennis in the DIY brew shops.  Seems that DIY cheese making and sausage making go hand in hand with beer brewing, spirit distilling and wine making.  Yes, I really need my work visa to come through..........

We did move the boat from G dock to F dock on the 12th.  It went well with the help of Pam and the boys.  We will have to move again in February - only 2 slips down the same dock.  We will be 10 steps closer to land.  Our current finger neighbor will be happy to see us and our steps leave.  He works out of his boat - a small import/export business.  Personally I have seen him wearing a full mask respirator - hmmm just exactly are we making?????  Anyway our new finger neighbors do not live or work aboard, so should be a better arrangement. 

So there you have it - my hurry up and wait for a visa life.  Trying to think positively and not stress too much.
Dock steps - storage compartment view
Yep they are big and take up more than our half of the finger.  The wind has us pushed far away from the dock today.  You can also see the bike storage arrangement.  I am not able to get mine (front) off from the dock when the wind blows like this.
Dennis' lime and mandarin trees - We had to bring them in to protect from the wind

2 peppers and a fern to round out the garden.


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