Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas in La Cruz

Merry Christmas 2009

This was a first for Josh is many ways. It was his first one on the boat and in a different country. It was also his first away from all the hype and commercialism. It is just not that big of a deal here, or maybe it is because we don’t understand the language, listen to local radio or watch TV. Josh did comment that it was the fastest Christmas morning ever. We came in to the Marina on Christmas Eve, and I made cookies and posole. It is nice to be at the dock in some ways. Access power being the primary one. Our big gift was a trip on New Year’s day to go zip lining. More on that later. So Christmas day was pretty quiet - lots of kids around so that was nice. In the afternoon Josh and Dennis took the dinghy out for some fun in the anchorage. Dennis pulled some kids behind the dinghy on our water toy, while Josh, his friends Nikita and Jamie went scurfing. Scurfing is when you get pulled behind the dinghy on a surf board. According to Josh this is pretty hard. He certainly complained of being sore the next day. We spent Christmas dinner with the Capaz and Totem families. It was a great way to finish the day.

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