Monday, January 18, 2010

December 29th - Behan's Birthday

On turning 40                           

As you all know, Dennis and I have left the 40 milestone in the dust, but we have been fortunate enough to help initiate a couple of new members to the over 40 club in the last couple of months. PJ from Capaz turned forty in November (while we were in La Paz). Her husband and family threw her a party on the beach, complete with a birthday card in the sand, margaritas, cake and a bonfire. Note the tiara in the picture. Next up was Behan from Totem. Behan turned 40  in La Cruz. We had a party on the dock, I made enchiladas, and there were 2 kinds of chocolate cake and poetry. I was a little behind the eight ball with my contribution to bad poetry, but managed to come up with the following:

Ode to 40

Welcome to 40, our club you’re now in
Anytime now the shooting pains will begin.

Your eyes are still bright, but soon you will wonder
Why your arms they’re just not longer.

The print on the page your read, remember when?
If you could only find your glasses you could do it again.

Your kids, genius teens soon will become,
They’ll wonder how you survive being so dumb.

Menopause it is coming, for Seattle you’ll be yearning,
When in the tropics your insides are burning.

(Menopause it is coming for cool climes you’ll be yearning,
When all night long your insides are burning.) for the non cruiser

The slide down the hill this is just the start,
Old age really ain’t for the faint of heart.

Don’t give up hope for although there’s no cure
A few things to have will comfort for sure.

To help ease the pain have available at will,
Chocolate, tequila and lots of advil.

Certainly won’t win any literary awards, but hopefully brought a smile to your face. Note in the picture that the tiara made another appearance. Behan kept it in place the whole day.

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