Monday, October 28, 2013

A few days off

Wednesday turned out to be a very busy day.  We got lots done, and were feeling pretty good about our lists of things to get done and being ready to leave Monday.  Sewing the dogbone thing for the mainsail reefing points went well.  Paul was able to get the shackle open on the anchor bridle, so the bridle got rearranged and the raw end of the line whipped.  Dennis did the first stage of the stantion repair (epoxying the holes), filled both engines with antifreeze and checked oil, Paul bled the hydraulic steering lines, Josh washed rugs and tightened the rudder packing (a real head down, ass up, dirty project).  We also put my bike in Josh's room.  Again seems like there was more and I am sure there was.  There always is as boat projects are definitely no linear.

Thursday we tried to finish off the list, which we pretty much managed to do.  Was kind of funny to watch three men compete for tools to get their individual projects completed.  The fan in Josh's room died overnight, so he was replacing it with the old one from our room.  Dennis had just installed the new one on Wednesday.  Paul fixed the kitchen fan (I juggled it and broke a wire).  Dennis put the repaired stantion back together and I helped where asked and gathered laundry, washed a couple pillows and who knows what else.  Anyway, we pretty much called it by 1430, so we could be on the road by1500 to our mini vacation in Port Denarau.

Ahhhhh  civilization, central air, swimming pools, walk up coffee.........  The only real surprise is that we came back.  Okay, maybe not we, maybe just Josh and I.  The Wyndam Resort is beautiful and really no better way to spend 3 rainy days.  The sun came out yesterday and boy was it hot!!  The resort hosted a BBQ the night we arrived, free beer and wine and sausages.  So, we ate and drank our fill.  Nice of them to plan dinner for us.  Our place had 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a full kitchen and washer/dryer.  I lost track of how many loads of laundry I did, but I would say at least 12.  It was nice to be able to presoak all the smelly things, and not have to worry about somebody waiting on the machines.

Friday we went exploring Port Denarau.  Still looking for monster, but no luck at all there.  We did have an awesome burger at Hard Rock Cafe.  Definitely the best burger in a long time.  From there, Josh headed back to the room, and Dennis, Paul and I headed in to Nadi.  We did some souvenir shopping and then hit the MH.  Have to say overall Nadi is not my favorite place to be or shop.  Lautoka MH is better and the New World in Nemaka has the best selection of imported stuff and meat.  On the way back we stopped at South Pacific Meats.  Oh yeah! - the best butcher yet.  Too bad we were low on cash.  Once back at the room, I started on precooking ground beef to freeze for the crossing.  So nice to cook one pan after the other and not worry about making it too hot to bear inside.  Friday night we ate at the Mexican restaurant at the resort.  Was pretty good, and excellent margaritas.

Saturday I made 2 loaves of banana bread and cooked up the last of the ground beef.  Then Dennis and I went and hung out by the pool.  Paul went 'splorin' and Josh snuggled up with his computer in his nice cold room.  Oh and the luxury of watching TV in bed!  Not that there was much to watch, but still....its the ability to do it that counts. Below are some pictures.

Dennis relaxing by the pool
 This is one of the secluded areas at the adults only pool.  Both pools have swim up bars.
 Karmavu bar and bean bag loungers.  Not much beach when the tide is in.
 There is a walking path around all the resorts.
 Sunset seranade
 Walkway thru the resort
A little blurry (just can't get quality volunteer photographers these days!)
This is our patio, very close to the pool.

Sunday was sunny and hot.  With the time change - felt weird to spring forward in October - we were a little behind ourselves, but managed to get all packed, have a swim, have coffee, make breakfast and be in the lobby by 1130.  There was an email from Commanders (the weather routers we are using) saying Tuesday looked like the day to leave, so an extra day to get ready.  We had arranged for a taxi from Vuda Point to come get us and he was there waiting (Faid).  The thing I love best about taxis here is that they will make stops and wait for you for no extra charge.  So, we stopped at New World to pick up some final provisions.  We were pretty well cram packed into that taxi by the time we were done. 

Back at the boat it was sure hot after being closed up for 3 1/2 days.  And who is on our spot on the wall but Moondance!  Yay, good to see them.   Dennis went right to work on weather etc, while I put away groceries and clean laundry.  We took out the sea anchor and went thru it so we all know how to deploy it.  And finally went to the pool with Carla.  Nice to cool off, catch up and have a cold beer.

This morning's email from Commanders says no to Tuesday and is projecting Saturday as a good day to leave.  HMMMM!  the list is almost done - what will we do with ourselves all week?  Not sure, but hey, we live on a boat there is ALWAYS something to be done.  Meanwhile, my freezer is full, clothes are clean, internet is working, so again life is good.

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