Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Monster hunting and other fun things to do at the dock

Sunday saw a few more boat chores checked off the list (primarily getting power to the boat - had to buy another extension cord) and a lazy afternoon by the pool at First Landing. Our reconnaissance mission to Lautoka on Saturday went well. The market is easy to find - right at the bus depot. And the MH is only about a block away. Once again Fijian friendliness was shown, as a very nice man gave us a ride to the main road and the bus stop - out of his way. The market was amazing! Not quite to Mexico standards, but still lots of all kinds of veggies and fruit (which we stocked up on), flowers (got some of those too), the ever present yongona (kava) and fish. Dennis remembered it from his visit in 1999. The MH was actually pretty good. We got chicken legs and lamb chops - both were good.

Josh is out of Monster. We have been looking for it all over Fiji to no avail. We did find some Rehab at New World, but it is green tea and that is not what he wants. I promised him a trip to Nemaka to go Monster hunting Monday afternoon. First though, we put the dinghy up on the deck - in the rain of course, but at least it wasn't hot. Then I changed the water maker filters. It was getting late, so I went for a quick shower (ok so it was long, but hot water is a luxury and then it is hard to dry off in all the humidity...). I got back to the boat in time to move into a slip. We filled up with fuel first (another thing checked off the list) and then into our new home. I did manage to slip getting off the boat at the fuel dock and instead of falling into the water, I fell into the boat, catching my inner thigh on the lifeline. Ouch! I have a big colorful bruise. But, no blood and I didn't fall in the water so no major harm done.
Had nowhere near the excitement getting into our space as the first time here, geez we had tons of room. By the time we were happy with how we were tied up, it was too late to go Monster hunting. Josh was a little disappointed, but I tried to make up for it with spaghetti and garlic bread and a promise to go the next day for sure. We are now tied up next to GIGI, close to the good showers, the restaurant and bar. We have power and water and internet - Life is good.

So yep, raining again on Tuesday. Again - at least it is not hot. More chores crossed off the list - primarily putting up the sun shade, figuring out how to fill water and checking the shower sump switch (head down ass up for me as it is in the bilge, under the stairs). Decided to use dock water in the tanks. We all taste tested and decided it was okay. So filled one tank and are using it now, as the water is chlorinated and our lines need a little chlorine action. Seems like we did a lot more than that, but always alot of small things associated with it. In the afternoon Josh and I went Monster hunting and provisioning. I decided to use the marina taxi as Ali said he would wait for us and didn't mind multiple stops. First stop New World. They had a few new things and didn't have regular mac and cheese - should have gotten it last time. Bought most of the dry provisions we will need for the crossing to NZ. Sadly, No Monster. Next stop MH in Nemaka. Okay, so I was not impressed. The one in Lautoka is much nicer. Picked up a few things, but not much. No Monster. Then Fiji meats - again not impressed. I hope the ones in Lautoka or Nadi are better. Final stop - Shop and Save, didn't buy anything there and No Monster there either. So a successful trip in terms of provisioning, but a disappointment of epic proportions in terms of scoring Monster for Josh. Our last hope is that one of the resorts will have it in Nadi. We are going to spend a few days this week at Port Denarau in my best ever friend's (you know who you are) time share. A treat to be sure, but also a way to get all my laundry done - at my leisure, and to precook some meals for the crossing without heating up the boat.

Today is supposed to have increasing periods of fine weather - I hope so, as I have to do re sew the dog bone for the reefing point back into the main sail. That is going to be a pain in my hand for sure. Since I have been awake since 0330, my list for the day is made and I am itching to get started, but definitely coffee first. I picked up some UHT cream for a treat - yum.

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