Friday, August 26, 2011


081411 Sunday
Well, we have been in this lovely anchorage for a week. We haven't done much but hang out and enjoy. The water is beautiful and over the last week, we have gotten out all of the toys. The sailing dinghy and the kayak are in the water, the hooka is out and the snorkel gear hasn't gotten an opportunity to dry out. Life is good.
Dennis used the hooka to work on the zinc on the prop, and the next day we took it to the pass for a dive. The zinc is fixed, and the bottom of the boat is clean. The dive in the pass was okay, not spectacular.
Josh finished math!!! Yeah! He and I have been doing some sort of PE everyday. Mostly swimming from the boat to one of the channel markers and back. Is good for both of us to get some regular exercise.
Friday morning, Dennis and Josh took the dinghy out the pass looking for a good place to use the hooka. They were not successful in finding a place to hooka, but they did find the lemon sharks. Dennis said they were huge. He got in the water, but Josh passed on that opportunity. There were also reef sharks and Josh spotted a humpback whale.
Saturday was Carla's birthday, so I got up early and baked her a german chocolate cake. From scratch. A first for me. I am generally a box mix kind of girl, but since german chocolate mixes were not available, I got all the ingredients and did it the old fashioned way. Turned out really good. They came over here yesterday in time for the sunset and snacks, followed by cake.
Earlier on Saturday (after the cake was finished) Dennis and I went exploring in the dinghy. Got kicked off a beach. So to spite them we sat in the dinghy and drank our beers - can't kick us off of the water!!! After that we cruised around the motus. Most of the beaches here are private - seems a shame, because many of them have nobody on them....oh well. Dennis let me off at the red channel marker for my swim back to the boat. After minor technical difficulties with my snorkel, I finally got going - whew! even a little current goes a long way when you are swimming against it. I was one tired puppy!
Today (Sunday) we had a leisurely morning. After breakfast Dennis and Josh took the dinghy to town in search of s/v Phoenix - a boat we met in Huahine with a kid Josh's age (Jayce). They were able to find them and it turns out the were coming to this anchorage today. After a late lunch, Josh and Jayce went snorkeling and then hung out using electrons on Evergreen. Jayce will spend the night, and tomorrow we are going on a hike. I have only signed up for the first part, as I have no desire to go on a 6 hour hike.
While the boys were playing the PS3, we went with Doug and Carla looking for the spot where you can snorkel with the sting rays. Lucky for us there was a tour boat at the spot, so it was easy to find. What a thrill to be in the water with these graceful creatures. I asked the local guide about the stingers, and he said as long as you are not aggressive towards them they won't sting, and also keep your fingers out of the water, you don't want to be mistaken for a fish! The rays will come right up to you, so you can pet them. They feel cool, not slimey or scaley, more soft and supple. They are intimidating at first, but after a while you get used to them, they are like cats, rubbing against your legs, coming up for a pet and then going on their way.
So yeah, this is how I dreamed it would be....... Lazy days. Beautiful, crystal clear, turqoise blue water, good company, spectacular sunsets (no green flash yet), swimming, snorkeling, paddling, yeah this is definitely okay.

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