Tuesday, August 30, 2011


082911 Monday

Still in BoraBora probably until Thursday. Dennis had lab work done this morning and is scheduled for an xray and ultrasound tomorrow, we will see the Doctor again on Wednesday. Of course today he is feeling good. It is always interesting (in a scary kind of way) to experience health care in a different country. I am pretty sure we could have gone to a free clinic, but we chose to see a private physician. As I said in a previous post, he does all his own stuff. Lab work is drawn in his office by a nurse (male in shorts and bare feet) in the morning before 0800 - as the blood and urine are sent to Tahiti by plane for analysis. The radiologist is only in town on Tuesdays. I guess very urgent and emergent things are helicoptered to Raiatea. There is a big hospital there. So no real immediate gratification here, but we should know by Wednesday.

We had a quiet weekend, finished up the bilge pump project, have a new switch and a relatively clean bilge - all is good. I changed the water maker filters - they lasted over 2 months!! They were not even very dirty when I took them out either. The new membrane is working like a charm. It is so nice to have something work properly, consistently. The generator has been working too. The dinghy motor is still having intermittant problems, but it is due to the fuel, and although a pain in the ass, only a 15 minute fix. The filter in the carburater gets clogged - it happened again this morning and of course we didn't have the tools with us, but boaters being what they are, we were able to borrow a rachet extension and 10mm socket from s/v Double Moon and voila - fixed. The weather has finally settled down - was pretty windy for the last 3 or 4 days - the waves breaking on the reef got huge and the current in the anchorage was really strong. It was flat calm this morning, we had the fastest, driest ride into town ever!

S/v Nina came into our anchorage yesterday afternoon. We saw them come up the outside of the reef, so Dennis and Josh went to meet them in the dinghy as they came through the pass. Was nice to catch up with them. They are on their way to Tonga. Josh and David immediately got together for video games and catching up and Dennis and I spent a nice evening on Nina with David (Dad), Rosemary and their guests Brad and Munie. It will come as no surprise that we had an overnight guest - I'm pretty sure they went to bed about the time my alarm went off this morning. Was quite a shock to the old system to have an alarm go off at 0550. Alarms are certainly one thing I don't miss.

I am going to try to post pictures today, but if I am unsuccessful, Carla is good at it, so you can sort of follow us by following their blog -


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