Friday, August 26, 2011


082511 Thursday
Wow, time sure flies. Monday and Tuesday last week we did more of the same in that lovely anchorage. The bilge pump switch broke, so I pulled that out.
Wednesday 8/17 we moved to the east side of BoraBora. It is an interesting trip. We had to weave our way through coral heads and shallow water to reach the anchorage we were looking for. Our charts for the area are pretty accurate and it is well marked, just pretty scary at times; our draft is 6'4" and the shallowest we registered was 7'5". Dennis reminds me that we don't hit bottom until 4'6" on the depth gauge, but still - makes me nervous. We anchored in 16 feet or so over a sandy bottom between the St Regis and Meridian hotels. BoraBora is one of those places that ends up just as advertised. The bungalow/hut/rooms are built out over the water, each one has its own steps to the water, some at the St Regis even had their own small pool. I guess that is what you get for $1000 per night. Doug and Carla went in for drinks at the St Regis - too spendy for us at $25 per drink.
Thursday 8/18 Dennis woke up not feeling well. We ended up going in to town (a long dinghy ride), but did not see the doctor that day as Dennis thought he was better. He woke up feeling bad again on Friday, so we went back to town and did see the Doctor. Such a different experience than in the states. It seemed to be first come first served, so we had about a 30 minute wait. Then the Doctor did all his own work, history, vital signs, urine dip stick - no nurse or receptionist - All for about $42 USD. It has taken a long time for Dennis to feel better. We didn't do too much on the east side as he was laid pretty low. Josh and I did some swimming, and I did some exploring in the kayak. Dennis and Josh played chess and killed zombies on the PS3. Pretty quiet though. Tuesday (8/23) we did some snorkeling. We were looking for the manta rays, but never did find them.
Wednesday 8/24
We had decided to return to our original anchorage, planned departure around 1000. Dennis didn't feel good again in the morning, so we delayed until after 1100. We made it back to our west side anchorage by 1330 - in time for rain and wind. Looks like we will have wind at least through the weekend. We had a quiet afternoon and evening. Carla was in a backing mood and we scored oatmeal raisin cookies - yum!!!
So here it is Thursday, we have been in Bora Bora almost 3 weeks - kind of hard to believe. We are at our turn around point, so from here we will be heading back to Tahiti via Raiatea and Huahine. We will spend some time on Huahine seeing the things we passed up on our way here. Once we get back to Tahiti we will finish up projects, provision and most likely head back to the Tuamotus. So, as soon as we get a good weather window, we will head back to Raiatea. Maybe Sunday or Monday, we'll see. We haven't had good internet connections, and have gotten behind on posting these blogs. I am going to try to get an SSB connection today to send these out......

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