Sunday, March 27, 2011


Well, its the third day out, and things are starting to fall into a groove. We left Punta Mita on Thursday around 1000. Got the news that our dear friend Steve Hall (La Paz and gate 11) passed away. Not a very auspicious way to start a 3 week cruise. Ana will be in our thoughts and prayers.
The trip out of Punta Mita and away from the mainland was slow. We motored for about 3 hours before there was any hint of wind. After that things picked up and have stayed steady at 10-15 knots from the NNW with episodes of 12-18knots (usually when I am trying to cook). We are very happy with the fact that I made myself (and Dennis didn't let me weanie out of) replace the luff tape on our 130 genoa (jib/headsail). It has been great! We are making 5-6 knots consistently. The first night of watches was brutal because we doubled up with Mark and Vickie, wanted to make sure that they were comfortable with the boat and the electronics before setting them free on single watches. They are seasoned sailors and caught on no problem, so last night was much nicer, everyone got a good stretch of sleep. Dennis and Mark set up the Hydrovane yesterday, and we have been sailing with it instead of the autopilot (baby jesus as Josh says). Vastly improved sleeping for Dennis and I without the constant sound of the autopilot steering and the Hydrovane doesn't require power.
Today has been pretty uneventful, made 130 miles on day 2, will be at the Socorro Islands in the morning (sunday) and will at a minimum do a lunch stop, maybe overnight, we'll see. The highlight today was a sailfish chasing our lure. What a beautiful fish. Fluorescent blue. Thankfully he spit the lure out, after chasing it right up to the back of the boat. Would not have been pretty either losing the lure or bringing him in. I shudder at the thought of a fish that big with a pointy thing at the front coming on to our boat. Total carnage!!! He was a beauty though. Last night after dinner we had a dolphin show - Mark thinks spinner dolphins - jumping way high out of the water - it was great too.
So, so far so good, only 2400 more miles to go!

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