Friday, March 25, 2011


03/24/2011 Made it to Punta Mita after leaving La Cruz, spending almost 3 hours at the Port Captain in Nuevo Vallarta for immigration, and then a 3 hour sail to weather in 20 knots or so of wind - very bumpy. The checkout procedure is actually easy, just time consuming for those of you following us here it is. Port Captain closes at 1400 - plan accordingly. There is a dock to tie up to immediately past the Port Captain's office. The port captain's place looks just like the one in La Cruz. It costs 400 pesos - please have a credit card or you will have to go to the bank. The port captain takes about 20 minutes, then you have to wait for immigration to come. Bring in your handheld so you can wait at the restaurant at the head ot the dock - they serve a good mexican brunch. Immigration will go on your boat - our little lady stamped our passports on our boat as she compared them to faces, then left. Then we did too.
I am sad to report that we have had one casualty - the rum container did not fare so well on one of the 20 knot tacks - hit the floor and drained 2 of the 2.5 gallons into the bilge - a sad day for our pocketbooks, but our livers are probably happy!
Had a good night at Punta Mita, and our getting ready to leave. I am using Mark and Vickie's telcel, so an easy post. Will be via the SSB from now on. According to Don the weather guy, we should have good wind the next few days. We'll see.

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