Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 3,2011

Day 7
860 miles out heading about 250 degrees True. Winds 10-15 NNE. Spinnaker went up on my watch this morning. Dennis was happy. We are making 7-8 knots mostly comfortable ride. Are using the autopilot and the windvane together to keep us on a somewhat steady course. Has been hard to get used to steering in a general direction but mostly to the wind. Will take it down before dark. We have had cloud cover for the last several days, it is comfortable, a little cool at night (read long pants, t shirt, sweatshirt and jacket with hood for me). The wind continues to be consistently inconsistent 7-20 knots NNE. Days are good, but nights have been hard for me. I have the best watch schedule 07-10 & 19-22 too bad I can't get a full night's sleep. Oh well, naps are good.

Have I mentioned how blue the water is out here? The color is so amazing, such a pretty deep blue. Have had one flying fish and 2 squid land on the boat, but otherwise no extra passengers. The birds (boobies?) keep eying us, but so far none have attempted to join the party. Have only seen one floating plastic container - was kind of insulting to see and also a reminder about plastic and what a far reaching effect we have on our environment. Our plastic garbage bag is getting fuller, but not too bad. Is still hard to throw the biodegradable stuff overboard, Dennis still can't do it.

So, since it really is all about the food, here is an update. The lettuce lasted in the cooler until yesterday, so 7 days; pears/mangos are being eaten up daily as they are getting soft (wrapped them in newspaper), apples and tomatoes are doing fine, eggs too, but need to drill holes in the lid so they don't go moldy. Will have our first visitors bring powdered eggs to Tahiti, so I will be able to bake without buying expensive eggs. I wish I had brought more lettuce, cucumbers, onions,carrots and potatoes (all of which seem to be holding up well)I should have brought more pancake syrup, and probably more milk, we seem to be going thru a lot of milk..... Oh yeah, and the grill is so not happening. Besides the fact that it is tipped on its side, I don't think I could keep anything on it. Have had to rethink some of my meals, but hey flexibility is my middle name these days. The other thing I wish I had gotten more of, but don't know where I would have put is the Italian sausage from Carne El Mundo. Had the last of it in spaghetti sauce last night. YUM! Will have to start making bread soon, will probably coincide with an increase in the outside temperature!

Started the second tank of water yesterday, so not too bad - about 8 days, 6 with 5 people. Flushed the water maker today. Don't plan to make water until this tank runs out, then we will just work off of the aft 2. One in use one being filled or filled. I am trying to accomplish one non watch/cooking/sleeping/eating thing each day. Yesterday I downloaded music to my ipod - really harder that you would think. Charge the computer, find the cds with mp3 music, figure out how to download to itunes, lock up itunes, consult the 13 year old, download cds to computer then to itunes then to ipod - miracles do happen. Now if I could figure out how to put a movie on the ipod....Feel free to email me with a solution....
Well, almost time to start thinking about dinner.....(eat, sleep, watch, cook, repeat....)

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