Monday, March 28, 2011

March 27,2011

Day 4
Had a pretty miserable night last night - lots of rock and roll. Made it to Socorro Island, but conditions did not permit a stop, Dennis stayed up through two watches so was very tired today. Winds were 15-24 knots, we did not put the second reef in the main, and paid the price with a bumpy ride. Bad call on my wind crystal ball reading. Think we will put that second reef in tonight. Have been making 6 kts consistently, Hence covered 132 miles on day 3. Have come 417 miles as of this posting. Better day today, turned downwind (south) some so have a slightly less bouncy ride. Still pretty rolly though. Has been cooler than we expected which I think is a good thing, but certainly more rolly than we expected. All but me are still taking meds for seasickness. No one is ill, just warding off bad spirits. Hopefully tonight everyone will catch up on sleep and have good watches. Have just about used up the cooler food - have had to rethink some meals as using the grill is definitely out for now. Lots of comfort food, pasta, chicken and rice (tonight again), chilli. Seems that for me it is all about the food. Will have Vickie make the last of the lettuce into a salad tonight (yum!). Is nice to have someone to help with the cooking -especially the chopping that everyone knows how much I love to do - not! Haven't been able to start Josh back on school, we tried today, but no one is ready to be inside looking at books just yet - a couple more days maybe...So, we are on a rough course of 230 with winds from the north and 6-8 foot swell averaging about 6kts, partly cloudy skies cool temps.

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