Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fiji - sunday

tRain, Rain go away..........
Been raining pretty steadily since we arrived. Upside is that it is actually cool (Josh had socks on last night! yeah I know first time in ages). Downside is it is cool and damp and hard to do the outside projects. Hopefully the weather will get over itself soon.... doesn't it know I have things to do???

In spite of the rain, we went to the market yesterday. Very nice, lots of fresh veggies and yes eggs - unrefrigerated!!! a flat for about 7.20 US. We picked up bread and lettuce/toms/carrots/passion fruit/pineapple/bananas - the usual. And some unusual - plaintains to boil and then fry into chips and taro and coconut to make my new favorite dish (the lady talked me through the process a couple of times). I am also the proud new owner of a coconut scraper. Going to have to post a picture of it cuz it is hard to explain - you cruisers out there know what it is - the board you sit on with the scraper at the end to get the coconut out. Pretty much did a circuit of the main downtown area. Dennis chose a sulu - very brightly colored - I am proud of him (that will need a picture as well). We picked up a router oh and yummy bread. The bread store had chicken chile meat pies - Dennis had two. They were good and hot.

After we got back to the boat, Dennis spent the whole rest of the afternoon trying unsuccessfully to get the new router to work. OMG, what a pain in his neck, butt, back, head...... I think the sadistic SOB who makes those things needs to be painfully killed. I mean really it shouldn't be this hard!!! Hopefully he will get it up and running - I hate it that he has to spend so much time and energy on something that SHOULD BE EASY!!!!!

I spent the afternoon rearranging under Josh's bunk, hanging new storage hammocks and trying to tidy up and make a space for Paul - More of that today as well as changing our the filters in the water maker. Otherwise not much going on. It is Sunday - the streets are rolled up until tomorrow. I have been up since 0530 - good time to use the internet when everyone else is asleep. But, Dennis is up now - coffee is brewing - time to start the day.....

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