Saturday, September 14, 2013


Kind of a slow start today, but made it out of Alberts by 1000. We had gotten the boat all ready to go last night, so really no need to be up early. Needed as much light as possible for the trip thru Texas passage. A big pod of dolphin cruised the anchorage this morning. Is always cool to watch them. I never get tired of it. A great way to start the day.

We got the anchor up and retraced our path our thru the reef from Alberts cove. I was down below finishing up stowing the kitchen and heard Josh putting out the fishing lines. Next thing I hear is the line whizzing out and "fish on!". Well isn't that exciting in the middle of the pass thru the reef?? Mom, pull in the other line - so I did. Dennis slowed the boat down, and I prepared the deck for bringing in a fish. Sure enough Curly's lure caught another Spanish Mackerel. That lure is two for two. Josh said he didn't even get the second line all the way out before we had a fish on. Dennis had to drive, so Josh had to clean the fish - and I helped (just like shake n bake). Definitely not a favorite task for either of us. Josh has "an unreasonable fear of getting stabbed by something sharp on the fish" and I just have a hard time handling the fish and then cooking and eating it. Turns out we both had to get over ourselves today. Josh did a great job filleting the fish, and I cooked it for dinner - and ate it.

Ended up coming to the west anchorage on Mategi (ma Teng e). Was the path of least upwind sailing and we barely made it in good light. Pulled in around 1630. Is kind of tight, but we finally set the hook in a place we think we can live with. Will sleep with the anchor alarm tonight - just in case. The water here is very clear. Hope it stays that way for a good snorkel tomorrow. Internet is not so great - will let me send sailmail, but not good enough for anything else. josh is bummed. One other boat in the anchorage "Compadre". This is a private island, with a resort and dive outfit. We had to ask permission to anchor here - not sure what we would have done if they said no. Too late to go anywhere else - but they didn't so here we are for a few days.

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