Saturday, September 14, 2013

Alberts Cove Rabi

Sent my intrepid fishermen off spear fishing this morning. I stayed behind and made bread, salad for lunch, cleaned under the stove and the bottom of the refrigerator. Not sure what happened in the fridge, but it was nasty. EWWW science experiment gone wrong!!! Sadly no fish again. But very tired boys. Spent the rest of the day just sort of hanging out - sorting our our next destination. plan A and plan B if the weather doesn't cooperate. My bread was not my best ever effort, tasted good, and had a nice fine crumb, just didn't rise well. Could be the yeast - i neglected to refrigerate after opening..... Oh well no complaints from the folks that ate half of it at dinner tonight. Paul had his first electronic device demise - his mac won't charge. Bummer. Two techie types looking at it, and still not sure what the problem is - charger or battery. Hopefully we can get it fixed in SavuSavu. No internet here, but should have it tomorrow or the next day, so we will be able to research the problem. Could be it doesn't like the boat voltage. Its all magic to me.
So, tomorrow we are off to the next anchorage shouldn't be too bad if the weather (read wind and sea state) cooperates. This is a beautiful place, but time is flying by and we still have places we want to see. oh yeah, and Josh wants internet - go figure......

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