Monday, September 23, 2013

Pictures - Apia Samoa

 Josh on the dock - Bika the little boat to the right is here in Fiji too - too little for me.
 Parlor of the Robert Louis Stevenson home.  We are reading Treasure Island.
 RLS home porch
 RLS home - carving commemorating the end of cannibalism.
 Bahai temple of the pacific
 Waterfalls in the rain
 More waterfalls - less rain - lots of mosquitos.  Would have been a great sunny day play spot
 Lunch at the very quiet resort
 fire dancing at the ice cream parlor
 Apia - government building
 shore power Samoan style
 Carla being taught to weave at the cultural center - fun morning of activities.
 Kava ceremony (sevusevu)
 fire starting - this guy was hilarious!
 playing with fire
 making coconut milk
 making tapa - very hard work.  This lady needed a nap when she was done with her demonstration
 the finished product  - before the addition of a design
 traditional dancing - for the ladies out there
 and for the gentlemen out there
 all together now
traditional lunch - taro (the white piece at the top, taro leaves in coconut milk - green and fish.  served on a biodegradeable plate.

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