Friday, November 8, 2013

Day 8 Land Ho

0400 UTC
lat 34.41 S
Long 173.53 E
course 168 T
speed 5 kts motor sailing
wind speed 8 kts SE
swell 2 ft
bar 1000 cloudy
Sure is nice to see land. Estimate arrival Opua midnite tonight. Last 24 hours have been a mixed bag of sun and squalls. We all had our turn. Have to say that it is cold. All the blankets are out and being used. Hopefully the whole customs and immigration deal won't be too painful. I over provisioned - we got here on the low end of the range, so lots of extra food that will probably get confiscated. Oh well, don't care happy to be done with this crossing.
More tomorrow - maybe on real internet???

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