Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tuesday 5/11

0400 UTC 5/11 1700 local
lat 27.51 E
long 173.47 S
course 208 T
speed 6.4 kts motoring - all day. I took pictures. it was how you think it is, but generally isn't
wind 13 direction N waiting for that west component so we can sail instead of motor
swell 1 Meter - practically a lake
bar 1010 sunny, still cool, but really comfortable. We were able to open up and air out a bit.

So yeah - we are not there yet. Had a pretty non eventful day. I did some housekeeping and Dennis had to replace the bilge pump diaphragm thingamajiggy (as in medicine a highly technical term). The high water alarm went off just as we had increased revs on the engine, so a bit of an adrenalin surge. But a generally easy fix and what the heck the seas were calm. Piece of cake compared to other instances I can recall.

We got an update from Brad (last night) and Commanders (this morning) so are enjoying the sun and flat while we can. Looks like we are going to get a small dose of the southern ocean late tomorrow or Thursday. Doesn't look especially bad, winds in the high 20s and maybe some rain. We should be going downwind by then, so the winds won't feel so bad, unfortunately the rain will come right in the cockpit, so watches will be wet. We're as ready as we can be, and like every other crossing, it is just one more thing to get through - at least we are on the downside of the run - hoping to make Opua on Saturday - we'll see I guess. At least the drains all work on this tack. yeah I know it is definitely the small things.

Mexican night tonight. Made guacamole (overpriced, picked too green avacados), pinto beans, rice and beef/cheese burritos. Might be pasta the next couple nights depending on the weather.

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  1. Travel Safe. Enjoying your blog and very happy you 3 are sharing the Good Life.
    SaraH and Darrell
    sv/ El Tiburon