Monday, November 4, 2013

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0500 utc 1800 local miles so far 580ish again would be nice if were in a straight line......
lat 26. 00 S
long 174.06 E
course 185 T
speed 5.5 kts sailing
wind speed 13.5 kts ESE slowly coming around
swell 1 M
bar 1010 sunny and clear

Nice day today, good watches last night. Dennis thought he saw a light, but couldn't find it on the radar, so he decided it was a submarine. That's his story and he is sticking to it.
We all had showers today - fresh like the proverbial daisies we are - all dressed up and no where to go. Sunny weather just makes you want to bathe. Wind is quite cool though, so they were fast showers.
This whole crossing thing, going cold turkey off of alcohol and caffeine is definitely no fun. My body about 1500 everyday goes "really? no caffeine and no beer thirty? Fine, have a headache". I get my drug fix one way or another I guess. Those advil come out like clockwork for me - every afternoon. But, I guess a headache is better than nausea - which is what I get with the other two choices. Sigh...... We figure we are just about half way there - I have a diet coke in the fridge waiting. cold beer too, but think my preference will be for the diet coke.
Expect the winds to start moving around in the next couple of days. We will see -no other choice.

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