Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fiji to NZ day 3 (Sunday)

03/11/13 1745 UTC
lat 24.28 S
long 175.03 E
course 200 T
speed 6.5 kts sailing, triple reef main, stay and partial jib
windspeed 16 kts SE
swell 5ft
bar 1008
- miles traveled 412 - wish we were going in a straight line.....
no wet stuff to report today so far. Although Josh is just going on watch and he is a magnet for that. A fast day, lots of heeling, bouncy, but either I am used to it, or it is fairly regular. No death rolls (knock wood) yet. Crew seems okay - stoic.
I had to close the kitchen drain as this tack seems to fill it up and not drain, so using a bucket to catch the water. Paul saw a bug in the sink area last night, I killed it, but did such a good job couldn't tell what kind it was. I am assuming it was a roach, so I put out a butt load of traps today. We have done so well in the no bug department - would like to continue that way.
Definitely cooler, I actually wore my sweatshirt this afternoon on watch. Cool is nice as I have the boat buttoned up tight. Would really like to have an Evergreen crossing first and have a dry trip - too early to tell yet, but I am trying.
My chilli from Thursday lasted thru lunch today - I hope it says more about how bellies are on the first few days of a passage than it does about my chilli. Made scalloped potatoes w/ ham and cheese, and green beans for dinner. That went all the way away.
Paul is doing independent watches now, so it is pretty luxurious only having to be on 3 hours at a time. Seating gets a little weird when everyone is awake, but that is only a few hours each afternoon.
Ran the generator this afternoon - yay hot water and double yay it worked perfectly. Third times the charm I guess for that stupid thing. Now that the water intake is from the place as for the big engine, we are sittin' pretty.

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