Monday, April 18, 2011

April 15, Days 22 &23

Day 22 - The intrepid crew continues their search for the elusive southern trades. But alas, they only find SSE winds and have to turn up into the wind in order to make their intended destination of Hiva Oa. It is the 4th day of mixed seas, overcast skies and frequent squalls. The ride has been uncomfortable and hot. The crew is wearing down even though their final destination is within 300 miles. So the cook breaks out the easy comfort food - spaghetti!!! hoping that full bellies will help them to sleep. The crew reminds themselves that the passage is nearly over so it is possible to bear a few more hours of discomfort with the hope that tomorrow will bring sunny skies and calmer seas.
2762 miles

Day 23 - Well, happy tax day. Woke up after a calm night to sunny skies. Yeah!!! Mark deployed the genoa around 0615, so we were back up to speed early. Cruised along most of the day at 6+ knots, still heading up wind, but not too bad of a ride. Around 1530, we were joined by a large pod of dolphin that hung around about 40 minutes. It was cool to watch them play around the boat. They look so joyful, chasing each other, jumping out of the water in graceful pairs, or singly to do big belly flops or twists. The whole crew gathered on deck to watch. Made water last night, so even though the watermaker is not as efficient on this tack, we still made almost 60 gallons. Hope to make a little more before we make Hiva Oa, so we arrive with both tanks full. Everyone was practicing their French today. I am finally going to put those 3 years of high school french to use. Is hard to believe we are almost there.....By the time this gets posted we will probably be in sight of land. YEE HAW! Sure hope I am not too land sick. After 24 days at sea and never being seasick, it is pretty ironic that I will be the miserable one when we get to land!! Oh well, I may have to premedicate myself with a nice cold beer!!!
2872 miles

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