Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 19 April 11, 2011

Day 19
2378 miles. Variety of weather conditions today. Lots of rain overnight and off and on thru out the day. Brad our weather guru says we are in an area of convection, which in english means: Spinnaker up, Spinnaker down, genoa in, genoa out, engine on, engine off, hatches and ports open, hatches and ports closed, dry clothes, wet clothes, 7 knots, 3 knots. The only real down part is that when we close up the boat it gets stinking hot inside - muggy too. So, we race around opening and closing, because the airflow is critical. Hopefully we will leave this convection behind sometime tomorrow. We have been lucky with the wind though more than we expected, but not too much either. Josh is the resident expert on spinnaker deployment and dousing, can and does do it in his sleep - i wake him in the early mornings to help me put it up. His new nickname is Dr. Spinn.
We are actually thinking about landfall and being at anchor. Maybe Saturday. Josh is dreaming of real internet, I am dreaming of fresh veggies and fruit. Think I might chill a diet coke for the occasion.

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  1. Greeting to you all from Lue and Claes s/v WhiteShell, friends of Mark and Vickie.
    Praying that all continues to go well with you. Please say hola to them for us and note that we are back in Canada for the summer.