Saturday, April 9, 2011

day 16

1982 miles, will pass the 2000 mile mark today yeah!!!!! Calmer seas today, which of course means dying down winds and hot hot hot, and humid, humid, humid! We have turned as south as possible for our run to the equator - chasing any possible winds there might be. We should be at the equator Sunday morning ish. It is funny you wish for calmer seas, but then you wish for more wind - oh well, no free lunch. Speaking of which, we are eating cabbage in salad in every way imaginable. I am hoping that there will be some other green leafy that we can afford in the Marquessa's. We listen to Jimmy sing about Cheeseburgers in Paradise, and we begin longing for them, then we calculate what the probable cost in US dollars (rumors are $45 US dollars) will be and start wishing for a fish on the line! So far no fish. Had two hits today, no fish and down one lure - bugger! Capaz used say if you rant about something, you had to rave about something else. So, here are mine for the day. Rant - I AM SO TIRED OF ROCKING & ROLLING. Rave - the sea is such a beautiful blue, and the R$R means good boat speed. Okay it is out of my system. I expect that when we finally get to landfall that I will have a major case of land sickness. You know why sailors had such a bad rap as drunks, you have to drink to make the land hold still...... or at least sway in synch with you. Any ideas for dinner? I am thinking maybe lasagne.... We'll see.

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