Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 18 04/10/11


1745 2241 miles, heading 224T

Crossed the Equator this morning at 0515. Everyone including Josh got up for this once in a lifetime event (you only sail across it the first time once). I managed to get a blurry picture of the GPS at 00.00.000 - pretty cool. It was Mark's watch, so the rest of us went back to bed for awhile after that. More festivities were planned for later in the day.

On Day 17, we ended up turning on the motor. The first time in 2 weeks I think. Made water all day. Had some rain, basically a nice routine kind of day. Watches are easy with the motor on, no sail adjustments to worry about just hanging out with "baby Jesus" (the autopilot).

The wind had come back up when I got to my watch this morning, so off went the motor and up went the spinnaker. We are making 4-5 knots with 5-10 knots of wind from the ESE, big long period swells - pretty cool. After breakfast of Waffles (Josh's request) we ended up taking down the spinnaker and heading on more of a reach with the genoa and staysail out. I got the dough ready for lunch - PIZZA!! During this, Josh was making his crown and Trident for our Equator celebration. I cannot wait to post the pictures - very cool and funny. We drank mimosas and opened the gift from Doug and Carla (s/v Moondance). YUMMIES inside - chocolates and Tequila!!Thanks a million guys. We all dressed up in hats or flowers and pareos. Josh was King Neptune with long hair and white beard (shaving cream)and Trident. So we are now all officially "Shell Backs", having crossed the equator physically (I guess flying doesn't count). After our little celebration Vickie made personal pizzas for lunch. Thanks to Patrick and Laura on s/v Just a Minute for the dough recipe, it was awesome. Tonight we will have chicken enchiladas. I am doing them on the stove top, and so far I am under impressed with how they are turning out - too wet. Will be more like enchilada soup, but oh well it is still slightly cooler for the main salon than using the oven. We will toast with Agavero and call it a good Equator Day. The only thing to mar the day thus far was that the raw water pump on the engine crapped out when we turned on the engine around 1530 (wind was dying). So Dennis spent an hour or so fixing that. In the meantime the wind came back up, so we are still sailing and the pump is fixed.
Only 750 miles or so to go, less than a week!!! I can hardly believe it, but seriously can't wait to walk on land!!!

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