Friday, April 8, 2011

day 14

hot and humid today. passed 1750 miles. Lots of wind today, made a consistent 7 knts. Replaced the errant water pump on the generator and successfully ran the generator and charged the batteries. I have to say, Dennis made it look easy.
Saw turtles the last couple of days, seems weird to see them out here in the middle of nowhere. We see more birds than I expected to as well. And inquiring minds want to know what you call a group of flying fish while they are flying, a flock or a school???
Is hard to believe it has been 2 weeks. Josh and I commented to each other that we have sailed more on this passage than we have in the whole rest of our lives. Certainly things that used to seem intimidating - the spinnaker for example- are now pretty much no big deal. I guess practice does make perfect. We are using the Hydrovane for steering instead of the autopilot which is pretty cool, and uses no power. The rocking and rolling is still a pain for cooking and sleeping, but otherwise is just another part of the day.
No rain for a couple of days which is nice because it gets pretty stuffy in the cabin when we have to close everything up.
Otherwise, pretty quiet here....

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