Monday, August 26, 2013

En route to Fiji day 2

0530 zulu
course 230 mag
speed 6-7 knots
wind 20 ish
swell 8-10 SE and S mixed bag of uncomfortable tricks
cloudy all day, but no rain

Well, crazy night. rain, wind, then no wind and then wind from all directions. All on top of first night of a crossing sleepies. Something just not fair about that. Finally around 0430 it settled into what we still have 15-20 behind the beam. Rockin and rollin. So yeah, the usual stuff. Got good speed going with just the main (2nd reef in - wish it were the 3rd) and the stay sail. Managed to get everything closed up before the waves started hitting the deck - a first I think. Woke up for my watch and my computer was not in its place - Josh had seen some lightening on his watch, so all the laptops were in the oven. That still cracks me up. Don't know if it would work, but at least we could say we tried...

We are about 350 miles from SavuSavu, so Friday is still looking good. Hopefully before quitting time. Huge thanks to Brad for the weather info. It sure is comforting to know he is out there watching for us. PJ give him a big old smooch for me!!!

Wondering if my position reports are posting on the blog? Anyone? My little computer doesn't always want to play with this program. it looks like they are being sent, but would be nice to know for sure.

Speaking of which, off to wrestle with the SSB, position report, request for gribs etc. cross your fingers....

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  1. Aloha Carol: Following your postings daily. Coming in loud and clear! I'm just not sure how this comment thing works yet. Let me know if you get this. 8/29, 9AM EST.

  2. Carol: Are you sailing from Fiji straight to NZ? Or are you going to Aussieland first via N Caledonia?