Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Suwarrow to Am Samoa Day 2

0400 zulu
lat 13 deg 41 S
long 165 deg 49 W
course 251 Mag
speed 5-6 knots (spinnaker and single reefed main)
wind 10 kts SE
seas calm
sunny and hot

Amazing!! Day 2 under spinnaker. I am probably going to jinx us. But yeah, this is what cruising is supposed to be like. i had an awesome sail on my watch last night. Winds were 9-13 with occasional 15 kts and our speed averaged over 6 knots and had some 8 & 9 in there when the wind crept up to 15. There were dark clouds all around, but never showed up on radar or put out much wind. I am sure the boys were happy that i didn't have to wake them up for a sail change.
We hardly know what to do with ourselves. Sleeping was good, cooking and eating is easy, poor Josh even had to do school today - no excuse not to. The generator ran with no problems and we caught a dorado/Mahi Mahi. Funny how that can happen if you actually have a line out.
So another great day. Hard to believe we have been out 52 days - and even longer than that since we have had access to a real grocery store. Down to the last 2 cans of corn, then that is it for veggies. Will be quite the shopping trip in Am. Samoa.
Just got called on deck to see a couple of small humpbacks!!! Cool!

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