Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Suwarrow to Pago Pago - Tuesday

0430 zulu
lat 14 deg 05S
long 168 deg 16 W
course 250 mag
speed 6-7 kts single reef main and staysail
wind SE @ 15-20
seas 1-2 meters SE choppy
partly cloudy - no rain since sunrise

Well I knew i was jinxing myself by raving about the conditions on Sun and Mon. The winds shifted and the seas got choppy so the spinnaker came down around 2200. Then it was hang on for the ride. Dennis had some rain, but no wind so the full jib was up when I came on. About an hour later in the rain, Dennis came out and helped me reef it in (think we were doing 8-9 kts at the time). I finally brought it all the way and used the stay, wind died, so put the big jib back out part way, then the wind and sea and rain picked up. it was a pretty bouncy night. I stayed on watch until it was getting light, then got Josh up. We reefed in the jib a little more. I was exhuasted! Dennis was in the salon - our bed took some water in the transition from flat to bumpy, so I took Josh's bed - slept hard. By the time I got up things had smoothed out some - at least to a tolerable level. I guess during his watch Josh took a wave that covered the whole boat, the salon hatch was not latched all the way, and Dennis took wave to his chest. So a little bit of drying out again today.
Spoke with Moondance on the radio, they are a day behind us on their way to Western Samoa (technically just Samoa, but I added the W. for clarity). They have had a lot of rain and not much wind and bouncy seas.
We expect to make Pago Pago (pongo pongo) tomorrow mid afternoon - if the sailing conditions remain the same. Josh and I are dreaming of cheeseburgers and frenchfries.

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