Saturday, August 3, 2013

Suwarrow - friday

Busy day. We were all up early to get the boys off for their fishing expedition. Sadly Charlie forgot them, so an anticlimactic wake up call. Dennis and I went back to bed, but Josh couldn't go back to sleep so did homework for awhile. Not sure why it seemed so busy today? What all got done? I made tortillas and a peach crisp for the potluck, lunch, started the water maker, did
dishes galore (I think they just multiply in the sink, tried to clean the stains off the side of the boat - by then it was 1500 -time for the bbq. Josh and Dennis did geometry, then Josh went spear fishing. Dennis cleaned the bottom of the boat.

Dennis and Josh also did a dinghy rescue - luckily hadn't gotten far. The anchorage remains at 21 boats (1 left today and one came). Josh spent the afternoon spear fishing with Sam from My Muse. He was unlucky, came home frustrated but ready to go again tomorrow.

The bbq was good. Yummy tuna and lots of good side dishes. Carla made killer peanut butter chocolate chip cake - can you say reeses? Ranger Charlie was on a roll. He really did not like Tom Neal. Cracks me up to hear him say his (Tom Neal's) book is booshit (that's right no l's in bullshit on Suwarrow). He and Harry also sang some Maori songs for us. It was very nice. The kids even did crab races. Josh and Sam never did make it to the bbq (the great hunters), lucky for Josh I brought him some tuna and Carla sent the rest of the cake!

Looking at leaving on Sunday, Monday at the latest. Finally managed to get the stupid gribs to download. My bad, i asked for too big of an area and the time kept running out on the download and sailmail would boot me off. oh well live and learn. We have sailmail on two computers now - so there is no fighting over the one computer. Trouble is that it gets hard to keep track of what got down loaded where. Looks like there are several boats on the same track as us, and My Muse will go to Am. Samoa next as well. That will keep Josh happy. So tomorrow we will start reassembling the boat for travel, and check out with the rangers as Sunday is a rest day for them (Pretty civilized huh?).

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