Monday, August 5, 2013

Suwarrow To American Samoa

0430 zulu
lat - 13 deg 18 S
long 163 deg 42 W
course 245 M
speed 4kts
wind 8-10 east southeast
seas flat (yay!!!!)

sailing - spinnaker (poled out), and single reef main.

So today was the day you all think we have every day. It has been sunny and hot, seas flat, winds calm. We have the spinnaker up and all the hatches open, in your honor we even had a beer at 1800. Sorry, no ice for umbrella drinks. Boring - absolutely perfect!

We left Suwarrow this morning around 930 - made 5-6 knots initially, but have settled into 4ish. Even have the current going with us. Somebody pinch me I am dreaming! Dennis says we are back on the milk run, so this is how it will be. I don't know, but i will take what I can get right now.

I made fish chowder yesterday, and we had it for lunch today. Thank you Crystal for the Thrive diced potatoes - worked great!. We are having chilli and corn bread for dinner.

We have voted and will leave the spinnaker up tonight. All have agreed it is okay to wake each other up if need be.

Wish you all were here to enjoy the beautiful sail!

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