Wednesday, August 28, 2013

En Route to SavuSavu - day 4

0530 zulu
lat 16 deg 53.37 S
long 179 deg 37.70 W
course 246 T
speed 5kt (second reef on main, staysail and partial jib)
wind 10-15 SE
swell 3-4 ft S SE
mosly sunny

Well, we have been seeing the Fijian Islands since early this afternoon, but will arrive at the checkin port of SavuSavu tomorrow - probably in the morning -- about 80 miles left to go. Last night was the same old weird stuff. About 0100 the wind picked up and by the time I came up at 0130 we brought in the jib - we still rocked and rolled until about 1000 this morning, then the wind came down and the seas calmed. Craziness. Makes for difficult sleeping. Otherwise very quiet. We are all ready to be done, but in the grand scheme of things it has been a pretty nice crossing, so not complaining. Fixed the radar today - Raymarine used a pretty useless connector and we had problems with it all the way to Mexico. Dennis finally got some very expensive goo with silver in it and has worked ever since. Just wiggled it a little bit and back in business.

Woo Hoo land ho

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