Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pago Pago Saturday

Civilization is a good thing, but awfully strenuous.
Yesterday was very productive, but also very tiring. Josh took me to town early so I could make some phone calls. Dennis stayed at the boat removing the part of the muffler that was leaking. Managed to break his big ass pipe wrench in the process. That boy sure can be hard on his toys! Josh brought me back and then Dennis and I went in to get the Tafuna bus to go looking for the Harley Motorcycle guy who the compendium said did welding. Found him - its Harvey's Motorcycle and Scooter repair - Tafuna bus get off at the traffic circle before McDonalds, turn left about 1/4 mile on the right. Interesting character, ex marine/merchant marine. Things were not looking so good initially, but in the end he got the stainless pipe (looks like a closed spring) that we needed from the NAPA store (I think that is the only thing they did have) and said he would have it ready today at noon. After leaving there we walked to the Cost u Less. That was a bad call as it was way further away than I had imagined. Finally came within site of it, and stopped at a store for a beer - drank it on the curb in the parking lot. One of the best beers in a long time. We were so hot and sticky - really hit the spot.

Cost U less is pretty impressive. For those of you that have been to the one in Papeete - this one is 4 times the size. Lots of good selection, so the cupboards will be happy. We didn't buy anything except cream, will go back on Monday for a big run. We didn't make it to the KS Mart food store, too tired. Caught the bus back to Pago Pago and got back in time for a quick shower and to put food together for a BBQ on My Muse. That was very nice. We had bangers and Mahi Mahi and coleslaw and tossed salad and rice. Yep we have all been away from fresh food for a while, so are fixated on getting fresh greens.

Today we woke up to rain and lots of it, including thunder and lightening. Being the good New Mexican that I am, i actually really like thunderstorms, just not anywhere near my boat. Dennis bailed out the dinghy and by the time we left 45 minutes later it was ankle deep in water again. Like I said lots of convection. I wish I had a picture of us in the dinghy going to town - with our two umbrellas up. I am sure it was quite the picture.

So, checked out the "Tool Shop". Pretty nice - were able to get some screws for the exhaust (I guess Dennis had to break all of them to get the part off) and some screen for my new kitchen fan. The kitchen fan deal is pretty funny actually. Dennis rigged up a small computer fan that fits nicely into the port hole over the stove. It is hardwired 12volt. The blades are a solid plastic - and it bites! I was the first one - it took a good chunk out of the tip of my thumb, then it got Josh, then Dennis. So, it bought itself a fence - or in this case aluminum screen. Not that I will ever put a finger anywhere near it, but just in case I have a memory lapse or something.....

From there we went to the post office - no packages. We are still waiting on one of ours and one for Moondance. Guess I will be in making phone calls again on Monday. Got back on the Tafuna bus and just barely made it to Harvey's - thankfully he waited for us. $100 later (part and labor) we are in business. So, anyone reading this coming to Pago Pago - Harvey is the man to see for stainless welding (or any welding) for the boat. From there to NAPA - what a joke, no ATF, no heater hose, no jumper cables therefore no sales. After each request they said "ACE will have it", so on our way out I told them I would tell the people at ACE that they sent us... Bus to the corner, get off, get on the Leone bus less than two miles ACE on the right. WOW! nice store. Had jumper cables (10, 6 and 4 gauge), no heater hose, had ATF, had a 12volt inverter with the outlet and usb adaptor, new container for water for the fridge, drain covers for the showers, they did have metal plumbing fittings, just not the ones we need. But, Dennis was able to get everything he needs to fix the exhaust so you know what he will be doing tomorrow.

Sigh,,,, just saw over 22kts of wind here in the anchorage, we heeled and my pretty rum bottle fell off the counter and broke. On the upside it was nearly empty, on the downside - I really liked the bottle. It had a picture of an old sailing ship etched into it, now we are going to have to go buy a new bottle or container for rum. :( Where was I????? Oh yeah

Seems like we were not back at the boat before we left again. The sun was out by then so pretty muggy. This time we were in search of the internet place. We decided to buy a week's worth so Josh could be sure to have it for his on line biology. Found it and the Laundramat where I will be spending a good chunk of my day tomorrow. It is one of those good/bad things. I don't really want to spend all day doing the laundry, but having washers and dryers will be so nice and having linen and clothes that smell good and are clean will be even better. And, what else is there to do here on Sunday???? The answer is nothing. They rolled up the sidewalks this afternoon, and nothing much will be open again until Monday.

We were impressed again today at how nice the people are here, very open and friendly. It is very refreshing. Still hope to be on our way before the end of the week. If there are no major setbacks, we may even get a play day in.

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