Friday, August 2, 2013

Fanning tues-thurs

Tuesday - total rain day.
Wednesday - woke up to sun and excess energy - add coffee, and i hardly knew what to do with myself! so, I went for a swim. Went to Moondance and My Muse and back. Finally mid morning went to shore to rinse out the spinnaker and do a little laundry. Got back to the boat in time for the boys to head out fishing. So you know how the trades always blow from ne/e/se? Well, not so much yesterday - got the whole compass out of it. Sadly that put our stern in 8 feet of water (not at low tide). so I spent a couple hours with an eye on the depth gauge waiting for the great white hunters to return. when they did (with a small something or other we can't name) we then spent a couple hours repositioning ourselves. during which time we figured out that at some point during the last 5 days the valve for the hydraulic steering fluid got messed up or messed with and we had no steering. Total cluster! But all turned out well and we repositioned ourselves far enough away from the reef and other boats to be comfortable. It is pretty tight in here right now. At last count there are 21 boats in the anchorage - beginning to feel like downtown San Francisco (kidding!). After we settled the whole anchoring thing, I went to put my lasagna together for dinner and found that all the fast cooking pasta (lasagna noodles and cannoloni) were infested with bugs - YUCK!!! new packages from HI too. good thing happy hour was scheduled for 1700 - lord knows that by then I totally needed it. Lots of nice new people to meet. Josh even has someone close to his age to talk to (20 yr old Sam from My Muse). So, all in all an okay day mostly.

today we got up fairly early to go do the manta ray snorkel - I guess they didn't get the memo, cuz they didn't show up. Maybe tomorrow. The rest of the day was spent doing a little of this and a little of that. Josh did homework, I bled the hydraulic steering, Dennis wired the stupid valves closed. After that Josh took me to get the laundry from the line on shore, but we got sidetracked at My Muse with an invite for Josh to go spearfishing. So, back to the boat to gather up all his gear and send him off. Dennis and I then went in for the laundry. Met some Ozzies of of Wendy Ellen. Nice folks with a small child named Ronan. I can only remember his name because of Ronan from Stargate Atlantis. cute kid, nice parents. Charlie of course had to give us fresh coconuts to drink the water from. is good, refreshing even warm. My brain should be all sharpened up after this stop (one can dream right???).

Josh brought home a medium parrot fish and had quite the story about the grouper that got away. There is talk of a fishing expedition in the morning with Charlie. Hope it comes together, freezer needs food.

Had our new very close to us neighbors over for happy hour tonight. they are from Seattle - Brett and Stacy - sv Bella Vita. That was fun and nice.

So, are thinking about when to leave. Have to look at weather etc, but is looking like we will leave by Monday. Tomorrow is another BBQ on the beach. With 21 or more boats, it ought to be quite the shindig. i am hoping that Harry plays his guitar. He was telling me that in Rarotonga, he plays regularly at different hotels and restaurants. Multi talented guy. Probably has carpal tunnel from checking everyone in over the last few days. No computerization here - no sirreee, it is all by hand.

going after weather now.....

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