Monday, August 5, 2013

Suwarrow - Saturday

Beautiful day today.
Today was one of those days that we cruise for. Blue, blue skies, blue green water, flat calm lagoon. Only thing missing was the boat boy with my umbrella drink!
Poor Dennis had to work on the dinghy engine again - I think it has a thing for Dennis. I don't know, but it is fixed again. I made a ginormous breakfast, I wasn't sure Josh was ever going to get full. All that spearfishing uses a bunch of calories. Homework got done, I finished a book, made fish chowder all very laid back. Went in after the dinghy engine was working again to check out - Only three forms this time (not including the 3 I had already prepared for checking out).
Josh did a little skurfing with Sam - the lagoon was like glass, perfect for skurfing. Big dinner and early bed.
Current plan is we will leave for American Samoa tomorrow morning. Winds will be pretty light, but that is okay as long as there is some. Will take around four days. I will post the blog and a position report, but may not do the net. Looking forward to internet and fresh food! The cupboards are looking a little bare, so and infusion of provisions will be good. Charlie wants us to have a burger for him. Josh said he would have at least two. There is supposed to be a Carl's Jr that is better than any in the US. I guess we will see. Also looking forward to being able to laundry in a real machine. Lord knows we have some that is ready to walk on its own....

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