Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pago pago Am. Samoa

Well we made it, and before dark no less.
My watch zoomed by, Dennis let me sleep til 0200. First thing when I came up i saw lights to starboard. Fishing boat? Did not show up on radar. I waited awhile, checked again, still did not show up on radar, finally figured it out - was the island of Ta'u. Made the wind kind of weird, had to head more east than I wanted to, but downwind at 6-7kts with 15-20kts of breeze, was faster than motoring. Josh had an uneventful watch as did Dennis. We had to jibe a couple of times to get in the harbor, and finally turned on the engine with about 10 miles to go. Easy entrance although the upper range marker is hard to see. We are anchored in the slime with 200 feet of chain out and the anchor alarm on. Pago Pago is notorious for boats dragging. We would prefer not to join those ranks. My Muse beat us here from Suwarrow. They left after us on Sunday and got here today early afternoon - that's a catamaran for you.
So, beer thirty was really nice. Spaghetti for dinner. Do you know they make unsalted pretzels? Seems pointless right? Well, that is all that is left of snack food on the boat - we picked them up at Target by accident. Who knew there was such a thing? Amazing what will do in a pinch.....
Tomorrow we will check in, and scope things out. Josh is all over going to Mc Donalds (we can see it from the boat), we need internet, the laundramat (Josh says his swimsuit smelled so bad it made him want to throw up. Pretty sure the whole boat is that way) and then provisions. We would like to be out of here in under a week. We will see how that goes. Since we are here, we should see some sights

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