Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pago Pago Sunday & Monday

Well, Sunday wasn't much of a day of rest for us. But, that was a good thing. Nothing to do to distract us from our chores. First off Dennis fenced in the darn fan. Stupid thing bit me again! It fell out of the port hole running and got my thumb when I caught it. Then Dennis worked on the exhaust, and by the end of the afternoon everything was back in its proper place awaiting final testing this morning - which went well. So, we won't be asphyxiated on CO from the exhaust - always a good thing. I did 12 or 13 loads of laundry - lost track. It took about 3.5 hours. Everyone was still at church or sleeping in when i got there, so was able to use 7 washers the first time and 5 or 6 after that. Dryers were a bit bigger, so not quite so many dryer loads. But still about $40 worth. But only 1.25 to wash and 1.75 to dry. Cheap at twice the price compared to Papeete in Tahiti.
Tried to write and post this 4 times last night, but finally gave up - it became obvious to me that my computer just wasn't interested in cooperating. Josh's quote this morning from one of his games: "computers are like old testament god - lots of rules and no mercy"! We are all having computer issues - don't know why exactly, but probably a combination of the environment and internet access.
We have had a couple of pretty extraordinary experiences since we are here - related to how nice people are here. Saturday at ACE I had forgotten my ID, so was not able to use my credit card. Dennis was with me and had his card, but at that moment was in the restroom. I had cash, but was about 8 dollars short. Imagine the look on my face when the lady behind me in line offered to cover it for me!!! Definitely not an everyday experience in the good ole US of A. Maybe in Crystal Falls when I was young, and then because they knew me and that i would repay. Dennis eventually showed up and paid, but I was in shock all the way home. Then yesterday as Josh and I were leaving the laundramat - each of us totally loaded down, 2 youngish (mid 20s) offered to give us a ride to our dinghy. We declined as we were real close, but still - they thought that we were going to walk all the way back in to the dinghy dock in town, and they still had laundry going. Crazy nice people here.

Today was a divide and conquer day for the Evergreen crew. We decided it would be more efficient to split the chores. After a successful run of the engine to test the exhaust fix, Josh and I dropped Dennis off at the dinghy dock by the small boat ramp and then headed to town to make calls and provision. Dennis went to the hardware stores by the laundramat, and actually caught up to us as we were waiting to catch the bus to Cost U Less. We split up again - Dennis to go to the fishing store (cc machine was broke, so we still lack that stuff on our list) and organize fueling the boat, Josh and I to provision.

Josh and I made a detour for lunch to Carl's Jr. Yum! Best burger I have had in awhile. According to Josh it is the only burger I have had in at least 60 days, so what was I comparing it to? Details - it was good. He enjoyed his burger as well. So we definitely did not go grocery shopping hungry. Didn't help, we still bought a ton of stuff. I can't imagine what would have happened if we were hungry! Our first stop was KS Mart. Josh found Monster - so was extremely happy. Very American store, even found pinto beans. Lots of variety. Of course we bought heavy stuff there, so had to take the bus back to Cost U less (we could see it from KS Mart). Filled up two carts at Cost u Less, but the freezer is full again, as is the fridge. Still lack a few things, but will be able to get them here in Pago Pago. It is a 30 minute bus ride to Cost U less and KS Mart, so not too excited to do it again. We took a taxi back to the dinghy dock. Nice driver from Samoa (Western) has 9 kids!!! 6 girls and 3 boys.

The plan was that whoever got done first would take the dinghy and come pick up the last ones back. We called and called on the VHF, then Josh left me with my pile of groceries and walked down the road towards where the boat is anchored. I thought I was going to melt - and my frozen food too. Finally Graham from My Muse came in his dinghy to rescue me (my hero). I guess our dinghy was at the far ramp, Josh found it (Dennis found him there), but it wouldn't start (POS!!!). Dennis finally got it started this evening - replaced the fuel pump, but not sure if that was the problem or not. We will see I guess.

Dennis was able to arrange for fueling tomorrow at 1100. That was not exactly straight forward either. Bus driver let him off where he thought the office was, Dennis had to backtrack only to find out the office had moved - right where he was first thing this morning!!! So, by 1600 we were all back at the boat - sticky and grouchy. Then Josh and Dennis went back to the fuel office to see about dinghy gas. While they were gone I put stuff away. That is a chore that is actually better done with them off the boat and out of my way. I was mostly done by the time they returned - no go on the regular gas.

Gave Dennis a haircut tonight before it got dark. I hadn't been able to see the incision site from the mole I removed for a while. Looks pretty good. I probably won't quit my day job just yet, but not bad for my first solo surgery :)! Had Samoan beef bangers and mash for dinner - yum.

We are hoping to leave on Thursday for Apia, Samoa. Thursday is actually Friday there. We will cross back over the dateline again. Dennis has finally got his computer cooperating again and is plotting our course. Looks like we are going to have to leave on Wednesday night as it is 75 miles and we need to be there early enough on Friday to check in. So, we will probably leave before dark on Wednesday, do one overnighter, lose a day and arrive on Friday hopefully by noon. Winds look like they are going to be light as well.

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