Wednesday, August 28, 2013

En route to SavuSavu Fiji day3

0530 zulu
lat 15 deg 46.41 S
long 177 deg 29.23 W
course 245T
speed 5.4 knots (just started the motor to charge up the batteries)
wind 15 E to SE
seas - mixed/confused from the southeast ish 4-6 feet
mostly sunny all day

Was a rock and rollin night last night. Dennis got a little seasick so Josh covered a couple hours of his watch so the meclizine could kick in. He is feeling much better today. My watch was full of dark clouds, off and on rain and wind around 25 knots. That kept up thru Josh's watch, although the clouds started to diminish around 0500 - even saw a few stars. The wind and seas calmed down a lot today - which made for a much more comfortable day. To the point that Dennis and I even braved the back deck for a quick rinse - that sure felt good. We are running the engine now to give the batteries a boost. We have the parts coming to Fiji with Paul to re run the water for the generator so we can use it underway. Until then it is the engine. (yep there is always some project).

Otherwise a nice uneventful day. Shared a beer between the 3 of us before dinner. Just the way all you guys think it is every day (except when it isn't right?) Still looks good for a Friday arrival in SuvaSuva. Hopefully in time to get checked in - if not, it will be a quiet weekend on the boat for us - actually that doesn't sound all bad......

til tomorrow......

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