Friday, July 19, 2013

2nd time is the charm

0300 zulu
lat 01 deg 25 N
long 157 deg 48 W
course 179 M
speed 7.5 kts
wind 15 kts SE
swell SE 5-6 feet
sunny and warm
bar 1007.9 (that seems low, what do you think Brad?)

Well, we made it out of Christmas, and are heading back into normal time. Meaning that Thursday is Thursday, not Thursday/Friday. Has been very confusing keeping track of it.
Had a lovely sail down the length of the atoll - just the way sailing should be: wind behind the beam, fast and flat. That was nice while it lasted. The wind came around to our nose and the seas got confused about 2 seconds before we left the atoll behind. So yeah, normal sailing for us. I believe somebody promised me down wind sailing..... Haven't seen that since the crossing to the Marquessas. Yes I am whining. Mostly cuz I don't learn. Took two (yes two) waves into our bed. The salon hatch was wide open and got not a drop. Oh well, we are on such a heel that we can't use our bed anyway, so except for having nowhere to put all the soggy linen, no real problem. And to prove that the sea god does have a slight sense of justice, both waves got Dennis side of the bed and his clothes - ha!
so yeah, pretty much status quo here. We will cross the equator tomorrow. It will be our third time. Wow! So far chart plotter is working and the batteries seem to be holding their charge normally. We can see Moondance's mast light, and will have a waxing moon. The current is still against us, but at least we are not motoring.

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