Tuesday, July 23, 2013

sweltering on the way to Manihiki

0300 Zulu
lat 8 deg 03 S
long 160 deg 26 W miles to Manihiki 144
course 187 M
Wind SE @ 12 kts
swell E at 6 ft - give or take 3 feet - mostly give. where in the world is that coming from Mr. Baker????
mostly sunny and stinking hot
bar 1008 down 3 over the last 4 hours - looks like it has been all over the place today

Pretty much an uneventful day to day - Thank you goddess of the sea! Stinking hot and humid though. Since we can't run the generator, we had to run the engine for a couple hours this morning - that heats it up too. Moondance is about 30 miles behind us and they had squalls (lots of rain, moderate wind and no wind) all day. They are going slower to time their arrival for first thing Wednesday morning.

Tried to make water this morning when it was still relatively flat, but no go there. I will have to start making it first thing after dropping the anchor and finishing my beer :). Lots of laundry to be done.

Last night was nice and smooth and fast - that continued until this afternoon. Still fast, but not so smooth again. We are hoping to make Manihiki tomorrow afternoon, so we will put up with one last uncomfortable night, although not as bad as the first two days. I feel for the C&I people if they actually come out to the boat. It is pretty funky in here right now. (Paul a case of febreeze may be on my wishlist).

Should be a full moon tonight. It is so pretty - this morning it went down all orange - was way cool as it backlit the clouds.

Hope to post from anchor tomorrow

Hey Behan, if you are reading this, would you (or anyone that knows how to find it) tell me where on facebook to find the email address to email in a post? Josh would like to be able to use that app.

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  1. I "assume" you want these instructions to post from email?http://thesocialmediapanel.com/how-to-create-a-blogger-post-from-your-email/