Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rest Day?

YAY!!! We all got to sleep in. Even Dennis slept until 0900. Granted we had a just before dawn mosquito feeding frenzy that required coil lighting, bug spray application and benedryl spray, but after that was settled, it was time to get on with sleeping in. Josh couldn't believe we let him sleep until 1045.

So yeah, couldn't leave the boat since we are checked out of Fanning, but did finish up prepping the boat. Josh did a miniscule amount of math with Dennis, but that was it for him. I made the barracuda with rice for lunch - turned out really good. I think we were all pleasantly surprised. Dennis (as usual) was pretty productive in the afternoon - worked on the dinghy motor some more. Still not working properly, may be a fuel pump after all. It is very quiet on shore now that the Kwai is gone - nothing to watch with my coffee this morning.

The boat is ready to go now though. The dinghy and motor are up, the sail cover is off and all the loose things are tied down. Plan to depart tomorrow at the butt crack of 0600 at slack tide. It is about 32 hours to Christmas Island, so we will leave early enough to get there by early to mid afternoon.

We will celebrate July 4th on Christmas - LOL. Literally Christmas in July. I crack my own self up. See that is what happens when you let me rest. I spent an hour or so in Josh's hammock this afternoon - very nice. Good boy for sharing with his mother.

Am making fish and chips for dinner. Another PITA in my life. A first for me making french fries the old fashioned way. I hope noone is in a hurry to eat. All for now.

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