Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 2

0300 zulu
lat 00 deg 56 S
long 158 deg 25W
course 180 Mag
speed 7.0 kts
wind 17 kts SE
swell E at 8ft
sunny and warm
bar 1008 steady

Ok Ryan - where are you? I am ready to get off. We have commenced with death rolls - I really hate those. (heeling side to side gunwale to gunwale) The waves are hitting the cockpit and no position is comfortable, yes I am totally whining. Even going somewhat downwind I manage to have a crappy sail. Oh well, guess I will have to spend my off watch time building a bridge to get over it.
We are now back in the southern hemisphere, actually making pretty good time 580 miles to our waypoint at Manihiki. Otherwise aside from my crappy attitude all is well. Hopefully tomorrow will bring better motion or a better attitude about the crappy motion.

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