Tuesday, July 9, 2013

7/8/13 Happy Birthday on Christmas

Well, Happy Birthday to Dennis today (Monday US time).

Had a pretty busy day today. Started off by sleeping in a little. We had adventures in movie watching last night. Our poor old home made computer has finally called it. As Josh said, it is the oldest computer on the boat and has been subjected to some pretty harsh conditions. It has served us well, just wish it would have held on another 5 months. Dennis and Josh finally rigged a system so we could attach the laptop to the TV, strung the sound wire across the salon - and voila - movie. By then it was close to 2130, but hey who would want to miss Expendables 2 with Russian subtitles? Love the humor, not a whole lot of plot, but lots of blowing things up too - what is not to love? That made bedtime pretty late - I was looking a little pumpkinish - and didn't wake up until 0800. We needed to be out the door (so to speak) by 0900. Our appointment with customs was at 1000.

Yesterday I made a big breakfast, did some laundry, did dishes, made water and generally putzed around in the morning. Josh did school and Dennis worked on the dinghy fuel pump. Although it is still on probation, the dinghy engine appears to off the injured reserve list. No promises, but so far so good. In the afternoon we went in and used internet. It is painfully slow, but the company was good and the beer ice cold - so no complaints.

Today we actually were able to check in with customs - no charge today - We will see what happens when we check out. Doug and I tackled that chore while Carla and Josh did internet. Dennis came back to the boat for awhile. After customs Doug and I were pretty productive. Found .80 cent eggs and evaporated milk -only took 5 stores. We also talked to Tobako (sounds like tobacco but the k is hard) about fuel. He will be able to get us some (200 liters each) and ferry it out to the boats in his panga in 30 liter jerry jugs - but not until Monday (7/15). Oh well, can't check out til then anyway, so we are just going to relax and go with the flow. After that we went back to the Ikari. It is the hotel with the "beach bar" and internet. I got what I absolutely had to get done - but was not able to upload pictures. Took Carla 30 minutes to download skype - and then when they finally placed their call - got the machine. It is possible to buy a sim card - next Monday when the govt offices reopen....... Good thing no one is desperate to phone home. Dennis had come back by then, gotten bored and gone for a walk. We were all done, and were just debating about a beer when he got back. So - we had a beer. Took the usual 30 minutes to find someone to pay, and then we were on our way back to the boat.

Spent the rest of the afternoon baking a German chocolate cake for Dennis - from scratch. Hence the need for eggs and evaporated milk. Dennis grated fresh coconut for the frosting - major yum. Then I made dough for pizza crust. Pretty sure that was more baking than I have done in the last 18 months. Whew!! I am tired. Moondance and HooRoo came over at 1630 for snacks, cake and drinks to help celebrate Dennis birthday. Was a very nice get together. Boy I do love cruisers. My pizza was okay - I am definitely out of practice - but I am the only game in town so nobody complained.

The wind has shifted again today, so the anchorage is kind of rolly. Not any worse than La Cruz in Mexico, but more motion than there has been. We are hoping it will shift back. The Kwai came in yesterday too. Our new friends Fred and Mike will be flying out tomorrow. Not sure how long the Kwai will be here.

We are thinking about taking the bus (i use that term loosely) to the "big box store" tomorrow. It is by the airport in the town of Banana. Did I mention we are anchored at London? The British were not too imaginative in naming places while they were here. We figured that since we are here, we should see what sites there are to see. Another reason we hope the sea settles - we would like to explore the lagoon in the dinghies.

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